September 23, 2021


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Commentary on the war-104: We did not want a country without Bangabandhu

“I was very naughty when I was young. I used to have picnics by stealing dabs from minus trees, rice from relatives’ houses and chickens. Nani, Kalu and Tota used to live. They used to study. But I could not read. ”


“My mother died when I was eight years old. After a few days, my father got married again. Honest mother at home. Always kept in turmoil. They also stopped going to school. One day I got angry and went to Tangail, to an uncle’s house. ” 

“Uncle’s children used to go to school. I think I will go to school too. Lehapara kaira big man humu. But it did not happen. Uncle didn’t even want me to study. He used to send me out. He also used to keep cows and calves. I had a hard time remembering. I told him once that if I have to work, I should work in someone else’s house. ” 

“I ransacked my uncle’s house. But what to do, where to go? I feel very hungry in the afternoon. There is no money to buy food. In Tangail, the house of the accountant of the Muslim Commercial Bank was on the bank of a large pond, at the house of Tulamuktar. I am starving near Barinda. She looks very bad. Come closer and listen to everything. Later he took me to the house of Mosleuddin, the manager of the bank. The place is in his house. I used to do some housework, go shopping and take her children to school. They used to caress me a lot. ” 

“There used to be a procession in Tangail, I also used to go in procession. Latif Siddiqui used to give speeches at the corner of Nirala. Badiuzzaman’s statement was also good. Leaders spoke of discrimination. I thought, something will happen in the country. ”

“March 7, 1971. Netago went to Dhaka to listen to Bangabandhu’s speech. Bangabandhu’s first body was there. Raising his finger, the leader said, ‘You have to deal with the enemy with whatever you have. And the roads of life are all there is, if I can’t give the order, you will stop… .. This word has gone to Gaitha’s head. After that, training was done with dummy rifle near Bindubasini School in Tangail. But I didn’t even understand that I would have to fight! ”

“One day the military entered Tangail. They set fire to some houses in the big pond. Myra also threw at a man named Khokon. I was also detained. I am trembling with fear. Whether they are Muslims or not, they are watching Lungi Khuila. Kalima jigaiche. I said. Then he said, “Okay, run away.” 

“A few days later, the manager of the Muslim Commercial Bank, Sir, went to the village. I also go back home, to Bhaluka in Mymensingh. ”

“The military was torturing there too. People are killing like birds. Monir is the commander of Amgo camping there. He was the commander of company number four of the Kaderiya forces. Tahan Bape took me and admitted him to him. One month arms training is done in Baheratali. Then I spent my life in the war, brother. ”

This is how the context of going to war in 1971 war heroic freedom fighter Md. Abdullah (Bir Pratik). One afternoon, while sitting at his house, they talked about various issues of the war day.

His father Quader Mia was in the military during the British rule. Later he also worked as a postmaster in Kishoreganj. Mother Hamida Khatun was a housewife. Abdullah is the second of seven siblings. The house is in Kamair village of Bhaluka upazila of Mymensingh. He was nineteen years old at the time of liberation war. 

Come back to the war in 1971. As soon as the issue of training and the battlefield came up, Abdullah frankly said, “I was light-skinned. Kader Siddiqui saw me and said that this boy will not be able to fight for liberation. Shuina was very angry. I tell him, you see I have come to fight for liberation. If Ahn leaves out, then we will go to Tangail and get admitted in Razakar. He stays in Takaya without listening. Took later. Brigadier Fazlu trained us. I used to call him Captain. Later, Kader Siddiqui also used to call him ‘Brigadier’. The training teaches how to use a three knot rifle and throw a grenade. ”

“The first battle I fought was at Kalihati. Thirty or forty people lived in the Ratanganj camp. The Pakistanis were in Balla, next to a mosque. Went at night. I don’t have a shotgun. The body I was with during the operation did not shoot for fear. I tell you to move. Give me the gun. I’m shooting with a rifle. I didn’t notice anywhere. After a long time, Commander Fazlu is pulling Thika’s legs behind him. Says, ‘Everyone is gone. What are you doing? ‘ Later I went back to Ratanganj. ”

“Once Miss Fire also happened because of my mistake. Tahan has given a severe punishment for one day. They keep their feet steep towards the Tuila river all day long. Then I became good at shooting. I operate in Basail Nathkhola, Ghatail, Nagarpur and Kalihati of Tangail. Fighting ahead, hit and run, finally fighting on defense. The commander was first Monir, then Fazlu, and finally Bangabir Kader Siddiqui. ” 

The time is before Eid-ul-Fitr. The Abdullahs were in Lauhati, in the village of Kedarpur. From there go to Nagarpur Thana operation. Kader Siddiqui himself led. Many groups of Kaderiya forces took part in it. Rabiul was given the responsibility of defense on the banks of the river. So that the force of Pakistani army could not come from Tangail. Rabiul can’t keep the defense. As a result, the Nagpur police station was attacked from morning till the next afternoon. Yet the freedom fighters could not win. Samsul, Samad, Sanwar, Nur Islam, Anwar Hossain Pahari and Humayun Bangal were shot in the operation. Two of their comrades were also martyred at Elasin Ghat. Talking about them, the hero Abdullah was overwhelmed with emotion. Her teary eyes reminded me of the bloody history. I think, how much has been achieved in exchange for our freedom!

This heroic warrior became bloody in one operation. What happened that day? In his words, “Tahan used to hit and run. I used to shoot at a distance of ten to twenty miles. Tahan is hiding towards Nalua and Potal in the west of Kalihati. The date is December 11. That morning. The paratroopers of the Indian Army are descending on Elenga and Pungli. They were supposed to go to Bhuapur. We are defending towards Ichapura. Tahan used to drive British LMG. Other groups are also hitting mortars. Morning events. The Pak army also started shelling. We are shooting at Punli. They shelled us from Rajafur. Tahan a shell came and fell in front. An explosion caused a splinter to slip under the knee of the left leg. That’s where the meat comes out. I saw blood on my feet. There were towels. I bind with that. Kader Siddiqui was opening a hospital in a school called Baga in Sakhipur. My comrades sent me there with people. Later Tangail Mktu was treated there. I was in the hospital for a month and a half. Cut the ligament at the back of the foot Reading. Sometimes it hurts like this. I’m in trouble. But the joy of freedom is little more than that. The country has become independent, brother! ” 

Gave blood for that country. What country did he get?

From a little silence, the frank answer of this hero is- “No. The dream was that the country would be for everyone. That did not happen. We could not save Bangabandhu in an independent country. We did not want a country without Bangabandhu. Those who brought the country could not enjoy the fruits. The gap between rich and poor is still wide. It was not our dream. ” 

15 August 1975. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu was killed along with his family. The fighters of Kaderiya forces including the hero Abdullah could not accept this heinous murder. They prepare to protest and retaliate. That went on for years. I heard that history in the face of this hero. 

In his words: One of my uncles used to work in Mymensingh. He used to support the Muslim League. I went to his house that day. He said, ‘My Bangabandhu is throwing miras.’ Shuinai shook his head. The inside of the chest became kaipa. After lifting the curfew for a few hours, we went to the area, Bhaluka. I don’t understand what to do. I used to visit different places and come to an uncle’s house. After 15-20 days, Kader Siddiqui sent people. I crossed the border through Tahan Haluaghat and went to India. The plan is to protest and avenge the assassination of Bangabandhu. I entered the country after a few days. I came to Dhaka and Tangail and contacted the leaders. I also talked to the freedom fighters. Many freedom fighters did not want to lead. Because after the independence of the country, the freedom fighters have also been tortured in the name of recovering weapons. So they do not agree. The detective goes after us. I’m carrying a grenade when I get home, There were also some weapons. I gave them to the VP of Gopalpur College. This news is also known. Later the military went to his house. They were looking for Kader Siddiqui. There were ten or twelve of us. That’s how I run away. A few days later I met Kader Siddiqui. ”

“I live in the Guntana boat in the Jamuna with him. Arms ammunition was in a boat. In another, there are 10-12 of us including him. On the way to Nishchintopur in Sirajganj, Amgo was shot by the military. Khasru Tahan of Korotia Juba League died in my lap. He was shot in the chest. Some of the military also died. I have been firing like this for a year and a half to avenge the assassination of Bangabandhu. Tahan is my traitor. I am hiding in the border area and fighting till Sylhet, Haluaghat, Nalitabari, Rangpur, Maheshkhola. I was also occupying Barobari and Nakla BDR camps. I took the Kamalapur police station to the OC with my family. I am also shooting the OC of Haluaghat. At that time Dulal, I, Mannan lived together. 104 people went to protest the assassination of Bangabandhu and died. I was accompanied by four others – Ratan, son of Comilla, Khasru, Dulal, Mannan in Bogra. I could not later! Unfortunately this history has not been recognized. The country is running in the name of the father of the nation while those who protested against his murder,

What do you think is the reason for stopping this armed resistance?

“It simply came to our notice then. We did not get the full support of the Awami League leaders then. Again, due to the political upheaval in India, we could not move forward. But we are proud to acknowledge this protest or resistance. I have at least been able to protest the killing of the Father of the Nation. ”

The heroic freedom fighter Abdullah Bir Pratik thinks that the verification and selection of the freedom fighters in the independent country needs to be completed. Regarding the list, he lamented, “You can become a freedom fighter only if you have such money. Those who did not fight. Muktijoddhago is helping. They have become such great freedom fighters. In fifty years, a list of undisputed freedom fighters could not be listed! It’s a brother of trouble. Razakargo could make the list. They would get government allowance or salary! ”

We have to take initiative to tell the real history of the liberation war from house to house. The story of the liberation war of an area should be told to the children of that area. We do not tell the generation about the country, the liberation war. How did the country come about? It is the responsibility of every parent to inform this.

We can win the Corona War too – that’s what he thinks. However, the fighter advised the government to be strict about wearing masks. He said, “You should wear a mask in the dust and sand in this country. If you don’t wear a mask, the person will have his own corona, he will spread it again. He can’t do that. Many have masks in their pockets and around their necks. The government has to be strict. If you don’t obey the law, you will have to pay a fine and a double stick house. If no one wears a mask, everyone should be caught together. ”

Let the country be good, let it be beautiful, so that future generations can live beautifully, can do something good for the country – war-wounded freedom fighter Md. Abdullah (Bir Pratik). Addressing the generation, he simply said, “Know the history of the heroism of 1971. If you do not know the birth history of the country, you will not be able to move forward. You have to repay the blood debt of millions of martyrs. Let the golden Bengal of the father of the nation be composed by your hands. ”

Brief information

Name: War-wounded heroic freedom fighter Md. Abdullah (Bir Pratik).

Training: He took one month arms training at Baheratali in Tangail.

He fought the war of liberation: He fought under Kaderiya forces at Basail Nathkhola, Ghatail, Nagarpur and Kalihatit in Tangail.

War wounded: 11 December 1971. In the morning. At Ichapura in Kalihati, the splinter of a Pakistani army shell went under his left knee. As a result, the flesh and veins of that part of the body are cut. 

Photo: Salek Khokon