September 22, 2021


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Brahmin Politics in UP: In whose court will the Brahmin go? In UP, parties engaged in throwing dice before ‘Mahasangram’



  • A tug of war for Brahmin votes ahead of 2022 elections in P
  • BSP is trying to woo through Brahmin convention
  • Parashuram statue being installed by Samajwadi Party

Uttar Pradesh in 2022 (Up 2022 Assembly ElectionBrahmin votes for the assembly elections to be held in Politics In UpA political struggle has broken out for BJP has tried to send a message to the Brahmins by including Congress leader Jitin Prasada in the party. So there the Bahujan Samaj Party paid attention to the Brahmins (Brahmin Vote Bank In Up) has started the enlightened conference from Ayodhya. SP also does not want to be left behind.

Before the assembly elections, all the parties have started a political struggle to bring Brahmins to their side. Seeing the BSP convention, the SP has also started showing speed to bring this vote bank in its favour.

Akhilesh Yadav is in tension with Mayawati’s enlightened conference! SP engaged in activating the Brahmin leaders of the party
Why so much focus on Brahmins?
Political experts believe that after backward, Dalit, Muslim, the focus of most political parties is on Brahmin votes. She is trying to get it in her court at any cost.

In 2007, BSP formed the government by adding Brahmins.
The BSP strategists have realized that if the Brahmins are to be drawn into their fold, then the fore-worship of Ram and Parashuram is necessary. The social engineering fabric was first woven by the BSP in 2007. Satish Chandra Mishra had prepared this complete formula for adding Brahmins. Its results were also good, the government was also formed. But in the year 2012, this formula of BSP not only failed but it was also thrown out of power.

UP: 5 Brahmin leaders met Akhilesh Yadav, SP engaged in cultivating Brahmin vote bank in elections
BSP started enlightened conference from religious places
The Bahujan Samaj Party feels that if the 2007 formula is successful, then there will be no problem in crossing the electoral wait. Keeping this in mind, he has started an enlightened conference from religious places. However, he has chosen this convention as a religious place and not in Brahmin dominated areas. He thinks it will send a bigger message.

Trying to change the game with the help of Dalit+Muslim+Brahmin vote bank
BSP strategists believe that if the Dalit, Muslim and Brahmin vote banks are found, then there will be a big game change. BSP leader and former minister Nakul Dubey says that Brahmin society has given a lot to BSP. The party has given a lot to the Brahmins. Society is being agitated.

Brahmin Politics in UP: Parashuram Statue, Brahmin Sammelan…Why is every party betting on ‘Vipra Voters’ in UP? understand
What is in the mind of Brahmins?
If we look at the tenure between 2012 and 2017 in the SP, then nothing is hidden from anyone. There is no similarity in their words and deeds. Brahmins are used a lot but when it comes to sharing, people start holding back. From east to west the brahmin is awake. At this time a lot of atrocities are also happening against this class. He is just waiting for the time.

Akhilesh formed a team of Brahmin leaders
On the other hand, the SP had expressed love for the Brahmins even a few months ago, but as soon as the BSP program started, Akhilesh Yadav has made a team of five Brahmin leaders of the party to strategize, speeding towards it. In Lucknow, along with Samajwadi Party national president Akhilesh Yadav, five big Brahmin leaders of the party brainstormed for about two and a half hours. Now SP will hold a Brahmin conference from Ballia, which is considered the land of Mangal Pandey, from August 23.

Brahmin politics in Uttar Pradesh: ‘There is restlessness in brahmin society but not yet decided what to do’
SP toonot lagging behind in the mobilization of brahmins
Due to the ban on caste convention in the state, the SP can also give it a new name. Manoj Pandey, president and MLA of Samajwadi Prabuddha Sabha, says that from August 23, we are going to organize an enlightened conference from Ballia. He said that earlier our enlightened conference was held in 57 districts and now we are going to start the second phase.

UP politics news: Ashwini Choubey said on Maya’s call – Brahmins are not caste, they are culture… will not fall under the temptation of opposition in UP
SP installed idol of Parashuram in 22 districts
In 2019-20, conferences were organized in 57 districts. It was closed due to the pandemic. Idols of Parashuram have also been installed in about 22 districts. SP has done a lot for brahmin society. Senior political analyst PN Dwivedi says that the role of Brahmins is very important in reaching power in UP.

Important role in getting Brahmin power from center to state
2007 When Mayawati got the support of Brahmins, the government was formed. Due to these, the SP government was formed in 2012. The Brahmins have a very important role in forming the government of Modi at the Center in 2014 and Yogi in 2017. Because the role of Brahmins is to bring them closer to power. That is why all the parties are busy going near him.


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