September 26, 2021


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BS Yediyurappa Resignation: What will be Yediyurappa’s next step after resigning from the post of CM, daughter told everything


The outgoing Chief Minister of Karnataka B. s. Yeddyurappa’s elder daughter S. why. Arunadevi said on Monday that her father must have taken the decision even before he went to sleep on Sunday night. Arunadevi is the president of the women’s wing of the All India Veerashaiva-Lingayat Mahasabha.

Arunadevi said that her father has always been a quick decision maker and sticks to his decisions. “None of us (Yeddyurappa’s children) were even aware of what message he wanted to convey at the two-year anniversary convention. It was like a surprise for all of us.

When did Yediyurappa take the decision to resign?
Arunadevi said that she must have taken this decision at that very moment or perhaps on Sunday night before going to sleep. Arunadevi also said that no such message has come from anyone asking him to resign.

will retire from politicsYeddyurappa?
Arunadevi said that due to her father’s nature, she would not leave public life and would continue to work at the same place. Arunadevi said, I don’t think rare people like my father can ever think of retirement politically.

What is Yeddyurappa’s next target?
Yeddyurappa’s elder daughter S. why. Arunadevi said that if I tell about him, he often says that his aim is to ensure that BJP retains power in Karnataka in 2023. I have faith in him and his vision.