September 23, 2021


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The story of Kargil war, said Brigadier Bajwa… ‘Pak colonel called and said – Sir, it is a matter of respect, return the bodies of our soldiers, we are returning’

The story of Kargil war, said Brigadier Bajwa... 'Pak colonel called and said - Sir, it is a matter of respect, return the bodies of our soldiers, we are returning'

New Delhi
Indian Army has always enhanced the honor of the countrymen with its bravery. He has foiled every move of the enemy. Whenever someone cast an evil eye on the country, he beat it brick by brick. Pakistan is an example of this. To Pakistan who surrendered to our army in 1971 kargil war I too had to pay a heavy price for my deception. The Indian Army not only made the trickster Pakistan aware of its valor, but also showed that we do not forget morality and humility even in war.

Yes, Brigadier (Retd) MPS Bajwa has shared some similar memories of Kargil war. He has told that in this 22-year-old war, how we soured the teeth of Pakistan. On 26 July, the Indian Army recaptured all its posts in Kargil. The Pakistani army was frozen on them by deceit. Bajwa has been tweeting on the Kargil War since June 26 and telling about what happened during that time. He has narrated the story of this war in 95 parts.

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He told that the Pakistani army had captured Tiger Hill by deception. After several days of struggle, the Indian Army finally succeeded in recapturing Tiger Hill on 4 July 1999. During this, the soldiers had to make many sacrifices. From 12 July to 18 July 1999, ‘Peace’ was declared. Its purpose was to give time to Pakistan to withdraw its army. However, it was learned that 19 Frontier Forces are occupying the ‘Zulu Spur’ complex. On 22 July his brigade (192 Mountain Brigade) was asked to capture the Zulu Spur. This goal was also successfully accomplished.

Recalling the last days of the Kargil war, Bajwa wrote that a call came from Pakistan. He was told that Colonel Mustafa of the enemy’s 19 Frontier Force wanted to talk to him. The message was ‘Pakistan for India’. Bajwa started talking to Mustafa.

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Bajwa asked Mustafa what he wanted. Mustafa said, ‘First of all I want to congratulate you that your army fought with great bravery.’ To this Bajwa thanked and asked the purpose of the call.

Mustafa said, ‘Sir, we have 13 dead bodies and probably one living soldier with you. I request you to return them. It is a question of my honour. To this Bajwa said that Colonel Mustafa, now we have to make another attack on you.

To this Mustafa said, ‘Sir, you will not need it. We are returning on our own. Bajwa is shocked and asks Mustafa how he can believe him. Mustafa immediately replied, ‘Sir, I am a Pathan’. Bajwa replied, ‘Okay, I am also a Sardar.’

Bajwa told Mustafa that we will return his dead body wrapped in Pakistan’s flag with full respect. They are no longer enemies, just soldiers. Mustafa agreed and all the bodies were returned. They also returned as promised. Thus ended the Kargil war.