September 23, 2021


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Raj Kundra Bail Hearing: Bail or Jail? Hearing on Raj Kundra’s bail in Bombay High Court today

 Raj Kundra Bail Hearing: Bail or Jail?  Hearing on Raj Kundra's bail in Bombay High Court today

pornography case (Pornography Case) In Raj Kundra Tuesday, July 27 is going to be a special day for you. While his police custody is coming to an end, the lawyers will try their best to get Raj Kundra bail from the Bombay High Court. The fort court has sent Raj Kundra to police custody till July 27, after which the businessman’s lawyer Subhash Jadhav has filed a bail application in the Bombay High Court for bail. A hearing on this is scheduled for Tuesday. But it is not all that easy, because Mumbai Police once again bails out Kundra.Raj Kundra Bail Pleas) would oppose. The police will appeal to the court to extend the custody to further the inquiry and investigation.

Police will also oppose Ryan Tharp’s bail
Along with Raj Kundra, the police custody of his company’s IT head Ryan Tharp is also ending on Tuesday. According to the news agency ‘ANI’, the crime branch has decided to oppose the bail of both Raj Kundra and Ryan Tharp in the court. So far, 11 people have been arrested by the police in the pornography case, while many others including Shilpa Shetty have been questioned. Recently, Sherlyn Chopra has also been summoned in the case.

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67 (a) is stuck in the bail screw
The biggest screw in the bail of Raj Kundra is implicated in Section 67 (A) of the IT Act. This is a non-bailable section. Under this, Raj Kundra is accused of making, selling and broadcasting porn films. While Raj Kundra’s lawyer Subhash Jadhav says that his client’s arrest is illegal. According to the lawyer, the films that Raj Kundra used to make fall under the category of ‘erotica’ and not in the category of ‘porn’. Therefore, the police has arrested under wrong sections. If the lawyers can prove this in the court, then Raj Kundra can get bail. But on the other hand the preparation of the police is also complete.

Raj Kundra Case: 2 bank accounts of Raj Kundra were seized, crores of rupees were deposited in the accounts
Suspicion of online betting, bank account seized
In this case of Crime Branch, a charge sheet of 4000 pages has been filed. The police is now behind the money trail in the porn film case. After the arrest of Raj Kundra on the night of 19 July, the police raided the office of his ‘Vian Industries’. Went to Raj Kundra’s house and searched. At the same time, Shilpa Shetty was also questioned in the house. Two bank accounts of Raj Kundra have also been seized in Kanpur, which allegedly have crores of rupees. Police suspect that Raj Kundra also used to betting online with the earnings of porn films. In the fort court, the police had said that there is a need to investigate the bank accounts of Raj Kundra in this case. Hence, there is a need for further inquiry from him. Apparently the police will give this argument in the court on Tuesday as well.

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Employees of Raj’s company became witnesses
Meanwhile, the police have also questioned several employees of Raj Kundra’s company. Many of these employees have agreed to become witnesses. Certainly on the basis of this also the police will definitely put some new argument in the court. Police claim that on the basis of WhatsApp chats, videos seized from the office, money transactions in bank accounts and statements of witnesses, they have strong evidence that Raj Kundra is the real mastermind of the porn film racket.

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