September 26, 2021


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India is also ready to answer China, this special unit of Army has been deployed in Eastern Ladakh: Report


New Delhi
In view of the threat from China, the Indian Army has shifted the main unit towards Eastern Ladakh. In order to increase its strength in Eastern Ladakh, India has transferred the 1st Strike Corps of the Army to Eastern Ladakh. The personnel of this unit will assist the Headquarters at Leh to counter any move taken by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

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According to the report of The Tribune, the Indian Army has transferred the 1st Strike Corps to Eastern Ladakh. The standoff between the armies of India and China continues since May last year and there is no immediate prospect of restoration of status quo along the LAC in eastern Ladakh in April 2020. Apart from the 1st Strike Corps, there are two other Strike Corps to counter Pakistan.

Its headquarter is at Ambala and Bhopal. Strike Corps are naturally trained to be first movers in any conflict situation. The move of the 1st Strike Corps to Eastern Ladakh will increase the number of existing soldiers of India.

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The Chinese have set up tents on the Indian side near Charding Nala in Demchok in eastern Ladakh. The people living in these tents are being described as ‘so-called citizens’. They have been asked to return from India, despite this their presence remains.

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China is increasing the activity of its troops in eastern Ladakh and is developing military infrastructure at a very fast pace. According to sources, about four divisions of Chinese troops are stationed in the deep areas along the G219 highway, which passes through Aksai Chin. India is also now increasing its military strength to face any challenge.

Indian Army in Ladakh (File Pic)