September 23, 2021


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‘Allahu Akbar’ was called after beating a Hindu boy in Pakistan, as soon as the video went viral, there was a ruckus

'Allahu Akbar' was called after beating a Hindu boy in Pakistan, as soon as the video went viral, there was a ruckus

The atrocities of the fundamentalists on minority Hindus in Pakistan are increasing continuously. A Hindu boy from Sindh province, infamous for his conversion, was beaten up by some fundamentalists and forced to say ‘Allahu Akbar’. Now after the video of this incident went viral, there is a ruckus in Pakistan. Hindu leaders of Pakistani opposition parties criticized the video and demanded action.

Sindh police arrested the accused
Sindh Police has arrested accused Abdus Salam Dawood from Tharparkar district after the video went viral. However, questions are being raised on the police regarding the picture of the accused which is going viral. In the picture, the accused is seen standing comfortably in the style of shaking hands with the Sindh police. Apart from Pakistani journalist Nayla Inayat, this video has also been tweeted by Pakistani-Canadian writer Tariq Fateh.

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Pakistani journalist told the whole incident
Journalist Mukesh Meghwar, who raised his voice about the human rights of minority Hindus in Pakistan, has confirmed the veracity of this video. He told that some religious fanatics forced the Hindu boy to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’. He even claimed that this Hindu child was forced to abuse his god.

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This video was uploaded on youtube
The video was initially uploaded on a YouTube channel named Abdul Salam Abu Dawood with the title ‘Hindu torture by Muslim in Pakistan’. But, later this video was removed from the channel. It is not yet known whether the owner of the channel removed this video from YouTube or YouTube.

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Pakistani MP demands strict action
Kesu Mal Khil Das, a member of the Pakistani Parliament National Assembly, has expressed anger after this video went viral. He tweeted that this is just madness, highly condemnable, it is not acceptable to force someone to convert and say bad things about their god. Hindus living in Pakistan are Pakistanis. I request IG Sindh to kindly look into this immediately and take strict action. Kesu Mal is an MP from NA 339 Lok Sabha on the ticket of Nawaz Sharif’s party PML-N.