September 22, 2021


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Expose the ‘real purpose’ of Xi Jinping’s visit to Tibet, China to build 3 new airbases on India border

Expose the 'real purpose' of Xi Jinping's visit to Tibet, China to build 3 new airbases on India border

China is not deterring from its deceitful antics from Arunachal Pradesh to Himachal Pradesh. A few days ago, Xi Jinping made a surprise visit to Tibet. It was then said that his visit was organized to connect the rest of China with Buddhism and preserve Buddhist culture. But, now China’s own official media Global Times has put the real reason behind Xi Jinping’s visit to the world. In the name of infrastructure development in Tibet, China is going to set up three new airports on the Indian border.

Why are questions being raised on China’s intentions?
The question is being raised on the intention of China because the population of people in the areas where these three airports are to be built is very less. The second thing is that these people, who have been persecuted for decades, are not even financially strong enough to use expensive options like air travel. These three places are very close to the Indian border. In such a situation, China can use these airports as an airbase during the war. For years this area was completely untouched by the Chinese claim of development. In such a situation, what happened in the midst of tension with India, due to which China is rapidly developing the transport system.

In which areas China is building new airports
The three new areas in which China is going to build an airport in Tibet are Lunze County, Tingri County and Burang County. The great thing is that China is going to start the airport being built in these areas by the end of 2025. China will design these airports keeping in mind the military interests. Apart from commercial flights, Chinese Air Force fighter aircraft, Avox aircraft, aerial refueler aircraft will be stationed here. In addition, China is going to develop Gonggar Airport in Lhasa as the largest airport in the region.

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China is also increasing the rail network in Tibet
The Global Times reported that China is rapidly developing a transportation system in the Tibet Autonomous Region, from airports to high-speed rail. China claims that the economic development of Tibet will not only bring prosperity to the lives of the people of the region, but will also open the way for progress for Nepal involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. China has also commissioned the 435-km Lhasa-Nyingchi rail network near the Arunachal Pradesh border. The average speed of trains running on this track is up to 160 kmph.

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Jinping adopted an aggressive policy in Tibet
China has significantly increased investment in Tibet’s infrastructure since Xi Jinping took office. China has started a total of 130 new air routes in Tibet with a population of about 3.5 million. China claims that 61 small and big cities of Tibet are now connected by air network. Qian Feng, director of the research department at the National Strategy Institute at Tsinghua University, claimed that China’s investment in the transportation sector in Tibet would also increase connectivity with Nepal.

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Which airbases of China are active near the India border

air Base height above sea level deployed aircraft
Kasi Airbase 4529 feet J-11, JH-7, UAV
Taskurgan Airbase 10633 feet under construction
Hotan Airbase 4672 feet J-8, J-7, AWACS, UAV
Setula Helipad 12017 ft no knowledge
Tensuhai Helipad 14980 feet under construction
Rutang County Helipad 14881 feet under construction
shiquanhe helipad 14064 feet no knowledge
Nagari Airbase 14022 ft J-11, UAV