September 26, 2021


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Players are forbidden to cut medals with teeth, Tokyo Olympic medals are made of ‘waste’


Players are forbidden to cut medals with teeth, Tokyo Olympic medals are made of 'waste'

Sports have their own tradition. There is culture, there is history, which every athlete has been following for centuries. Standing on the podium and smiling and cutting the medal is also a part of it. But during the ongoing Olympic Games in Tokyo, the organizers have now instructed not to do so. After all, what is the whole matter, let’s understand in easy language….

Medals made from electronic waste
Actually, Japan, famous for its technology, has done many new experiments in this Olympics. In this connection, medals have also been made by recycling electronic waste. Here, electronic waste refers to devices including damaged mobile phones, laptops, which have been donated by the citizens of Japan themselves. With this, five thousand gold, silver and bronze medals were made for the Olympics.

‘We know you still will’
The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee tweeted with a picture of an American athlete. Also wrote, ‘We want to make it clear that the medals of the Tokyo Olympics cannot be kept in the mouth. Our gold, silver and bronze medallions are made from electronic recycling devices. So you don’t need to cut them, but we know you will nonetheless.’ There is also a funny smiley after the tweet.

Why do players bite medals with their teeth?
After winning a medal, athletes do this at the request of the photographers, it makes that pose memorable, but is this the only reason why athletes chew medals proudly to the tune of their national anthem or is there some other reason.


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very old tradition
Actually, it has a long history. Since gold is a soft metal, its purity is tested by cutting it. Once upon a time, people used to cut gold with their teeth to find out whether the gold was genuine or had been coated on it. Despite this, there is no trace of any kind on the gold medal of Olympic players even after cutting because the amount of gold in it is very less.