September 26, 2021


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Railway News: IRTS officers used to collect not only from the hawker or canteen man who slept there at night in the station

Railway News: IRTS officers used to collect not only from the hawker or canteen man who slept there at night in the station

There have been surprising revelations about GS Joshi, who was the station director of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal (CSMT) railway station. A 2009 batch officer in the Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS), G. s. Joshi not only used to extort from the stalls, parcel offices, canteens, hawkers located in the station premises, but he also used to accept and accept bribes from the people sleeping in the station premises. A contractor of the same railway station has made this allegation in his complaint to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The CBI had on Saturday arrested accused IRTS officer GS Joshi and another railway officer Babu in the bribery case.

The person who ran the pay and use toilet had given a complaint
This information has come out in a news of Free Press Journal. In this, it has been told by the CBI that a bribe of 10 thousand rupees was demanded from the complainant who ran the Pay and Use Public Toilet in CSMT. Based on his complaint, the CBI had registered a case against Joshi and Babu on July 23. The CBI then laid a trap and caught Babu for accepting a bribe of Rs 10,000 from the complainant on the alleged instructions of Joshi.

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Bribery for giving identity cards to employees
In his complaint to the CBI, the complainant had alleged—”Joshi used to demand bribes for issuing identity cards to the employees working in public toilets. Most of the employees working in the toilets are temporary. They leave work time and again. Therefore, new employees are recruited time and again. For issuing identity cards of such employees, Joshi used to demand a bribe of Rs.1,000 per identity card. Not only this, Joshi would almost on daily basis ask my employees Rs.50 And also used to demand and recover a small amount of Rs 100.

recovery was everywhere
The complainant has given some more details in his complaint- “Joshi has a habit of soliciting and accepting bribe money from almost every stall, parcel office, canteen, hawker, other private contractors and even from persons who illegally enter the station. sleep in the premises. This is how he used to charge them a lot of money every month. Joshi also told one of my employees over phone that he should be paid Rs 50 to 100 per day by all my employees. He will impose a fine and will not allow my contract to continue. My employees also recorded this conversation.”

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The arrest was made last Saturday
IRTS officer Joshi was arrested on Saturday. Official sources in Central Railway say that Joshi is the Promotion Officer.


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