September 23, 2021


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Gaza: Israeli woman set an example of humanity, donated kidney to the child of the biggest ‘enemy’


It is said that war is fought between governments, not between people. At least that’s what Israel’s Idit Harel Segal has proved. Ideet, 50, decided that she would donate one of her kidneys to a stranger. Following the teachings of his late Baba, he realized that there can be no greater duty than to light up someone else’s life. Segal discovered people who needed kidneys and after 9 months his search ended on the biggest ‘enemy’, a 3-year-old innocent living in Palestine.

‘…then there will be no war’
In a letter to this child from the Gaza Strip, Idit said, ‘You do not know me but soon we will be very close because my kidney will be in your body.’ He hoped for the success of the surgery and good health of the child. Idit says that after the 11-day war, he gave up his anger and saw only peace and love. She writes, ‘If there were more like us, there would be no reason for war.’

conflict in the family
However, the decision was not an easy one for Idit. Her husband and son protested, the father stopped talking. He believed that Idit should not risk his life. The family had lost three relatives in the attack from the Palestinian side. Idit did not tell anyone for months who she was going to give the kidney to.

entry on humanitarian grounds
In the midst of Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza, only a few patients are allowed into the country on humanitarian grounds. A Jerusalem-based NGO, Manat Chaim, helped in this case. The child’s father was told by the hospital that if he gave his kidney to an Israeli, his son would get a kidney soon. The father gave a kidney to a 25-year-old Israeli woman, a mother of two. This arrangement has been questioned but is seen as an inspiration in Israel.

respect to baba
At the same time, Idit is happy that with his help, an innocent life was saved, another woman could also get a kidney and two enemy societies moved in the direction of coming closer. Idit herself also came to meet the child’s family. She says that with this donation she has expressed respect for her Baba. Today his family is also proud of him.