September 26, 2021


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Delhi Weather Live News: It will rain in Delhi this whole week, Meteorological Department has issued orange alert



  • Moderate to heavy rain forecast in different areas of the capital
  • About 400 mm of rain has fallen so far in the month of July this year
  • There is a big change in the monsoon pattern, it is raining continuously

New Delhi
Monsoon may have arrived late in the capital, but incessant rains for the last few days have given relief to the people from the heat. However, people of the capital have also been facing problems due to waterlogging and traffic jams in low-lying areas due to excessive rainfall. The Indian Meteorological Department has issued an orange alert on Wednesday indicating the possibility of ‘moderate to heavy’ rain in the national capital.

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Waterlogging warning in low-lying areas
In its forecast, the Meteorological Department has warned of traffic disruption and waterlogging in low-lying areas. Officials of the Meteorological Department said that Delhi may receive ‘light to moderate’ rain for a week due to monsoon. The capital has received 386.3 mm of rain so far this month, which is 103 percent more than the normal 190.4 mm. This is the highest rainfall in July since 2003 and the second highest ever.

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18 years ago in July there was 632 mm of rain
The monsoon that arrived in Delhi on July 13 has now started raining, waterlogging in low-lying areas and disrupting traffic. Normally in Delhi in July 210.6 mm. it rained. According to IMD data, Delhi received 236.9 mm of rain last year, 199.2 mm in 2019 and 286.2 mm in 2018. Delhi received 340.5 mm of rain in 2013. July had the highest rainfall of 632.2 mm in 2003.

Monsoon has become unstable, it is raining incessantly
GP Sharma, President, Meteorology and Climate Change, Skymet Weather said that the monsoon has become unstable and we are seeing a major change in the monsoon weather pattern. This is no longer the domain of meteorologists and requires a multi-specialty focus. Mahesh Palawat of Skymet Weather said that the warming of the atmosphere increases the capacity of the air to hold moisture, which leads to the formation of intense cumulonimbus clouds. This causes continuous heavy rain.


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Know what different alerts mean
IMD uses four color codes for rain. Green means everything is fine. Yellow means very bad weather. Orange alert is issued for extreme bad weather. In this, there is a warning of blockage of road traffic and clogged drains and disturbed power supply. A red alert is issued when extreme inclement weather disrupts traffic and power services. It is life threatening.

delhi rain

A man tries to save himself from the rain at Shanti Path in Delhi on Wednesday. photo- a. chattopadhyay