September 23, 2021


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‘At least you would have combed it’, Supreme Court judge reprimanded the lawyer

'At least you would have combed it', Supreme Court judge reprimanded the lawyer


  • A trial was going on in the Supreme Court
  • During the same time, the lawyer’s mobile rang several times.
  • Justice Nazir took a pinch – it is really a love story
  • The lawyer apologized, said – there is no love angle

New Delhi
A funny incident happened in the Supreme Court on Thursday. Justice Abdul Nazeer A trial was going on in the court. During this, when the lawyer’s mobile rang repeatedly, the judge took a jibe. The matter was related to a suicide and a note written by the victim.

The lawyer, while presenting his side before the court, said that ‘there was any angle of love, there is no evidence of it’. Had to say that the lawyer’s mobile rang. According to ‘Bar and Bench’, a website that publishes court news, the phone had rang twice in the past as well. Justice Nazir jokingly said, ‘It is really a love story. Look at the background music.

Suicide letter seems to have been written by a lawyer.
The lawyer shuddered. Said, ‘I’m really sorry! There were some rubbish phone calls. There is no proof to show the angle of love here. Justice Nazir said on this, ‘See how the suicide letter is written. Looks like it was written by a lawyer. Totally professional!’

Comment on another lawyer’s hair
Justice Nazir also commented on the look of the lawyer in a road accident case. He said, ‘You are lobbying in the Supreme Court. It is an honor to be present here. Look at your hair. At least comb it. I don’t say apply oil, but groom yourself.