September 26, 2021


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The murderer of the biker just before the collision of the auto, a new angle came in the murder of the judge in Jharkhand



  • CCTV gave a new mod to the suspicious death of Judge Uttam Anand
  • The same biker was seen before the collision of the auto and after the collision
  • Now the needle of suspicion has turned on the biker
  • The court had asked on Thursday – does the police want to give a chance to this biker?

Suspicious death of Dhanbad judge Uttam Anand The police have arrested two people in the case, the arrested accused include the auto driver and his associate who hit the judge. Both have been arrested from Giridih in Jharkhand. The CCTV footage revealed in the suspicious death of Judge Uttam Anand has given a new twist to the murder. A biker has appeared before the collision of the auto. Now the needle of suspicion is spinning on that biker.

In the suspicious death of Judge Uttam Anand, the suspicion of a biker has deepened from the CCTV footage that surfaced. Before the collision of the auto, it is seen in the video that the judge is doing morning walk on the roadside. On the other side of the road, a biker is seen coming, in CCTV, the biker looks at the judge with his neck turned towards the sahib. After a while, the auto comes from behind and changes the line and hits Judge Uttam Anand, who is doing morning walk.

Dhanbad judge-1

As soon as the collision takes place, Judge Uttam Anand falls on the side of the road and the auto driver then drives away with the auto in a straight line. It is seen in the CCTV video that then comes the same biker who was on the other side before the collision. He moves forward seeing the judge lying on the ground.

If there is negligence in the death of Judge Uttam Anand, the investigation will be given directly to the CBI, warns of the Jharkhand High Court

High court reprimanded Jharkhand government
Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court, Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan expressed displeasure over the delay in getting the FIR and directed the DGP to take prompt action in the matter. During this, the court has also given a stern warning to the Hemant government of Jharkhand.

The court said – does the police want to give a chance to this biker?
The Chief Justice asked the DGP why the investigation was taking so long despite having such good CCTV footage. A bike rider is seen passing at the time of the incident, does the police want to give a chance to this biker. When the number of the bike was not clear while watching the footage in the court, the court again got the footage played. The court asked the DGP on which side the injury occurred. If it is hit on the right side, then it clearly means that the strike has also been done from the right side. This is a professional job. It can’t just be a case of getting hit by the auto.

Dhanbad judge Uttam Singh, who was hearing several high profile cases, had recently rejected the bail plea of ​​big gangster operatives.

Family suspects judge’s murder
While there was talk of a fair investigation in the Supreme Court and the Jharkhand High Court on Thursday in the death of Judge Uttam Anand, the relatives of the deceased Uttam Anand say that it is not just an accident but a planned murder. The family members have demanded a CBI inquiry into the entire matter.

It’s a planned murder: Brother of the deceased judge
The judge’s younger brother Suman Anand said that “The CCTV footage which is going on in the media makes it clear that it is a well-planned murder. It should be investigated. There should be a CBI inquiry into the whole matter, as it is a big deal. Were hearing the criminal case. Therefore, there is every possibility that the criminals have conspired and brought this case to the end.”

Dhanbad judge

Judge sir doing morning walk and bikewala watching from other side