September 26, 2021


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Longest treatment of Covid: Archana of Meerut defeated Kovid after a hundred days, one of the longest corona treatment in the country



  • Archana of Meerut was admitted to the Medical College
  • Oxygen level had reached 30%
  • Many times during the treatment, the hope of life was broken, the family members also lost hope
  • Black fungus also happened at the time of Kovid treatment, which increased the concern of doctors

Archana Devi, 45, hails from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He was admitted to Lala Lajpat Rai Medical College with severe symptoms of Kovid. She couldn’t breathe. He was treated for a hundred days and now he has been discharged from the hospital. Archana Devi is one of those patients in the country whose treatment of Kovid lasted so long and she also recovered.

It was April 21, Archana’s condition was deteriorating and the family had given up hope of her survival. After being discharged, Archana said, ‘I am alive for my family. I remember the day when it was in a lot of pain. I was crying a lot and had given up hope of being alive but my son told me that everything will be fine.

30 tha oxygen level
Archana’s elder son Puneet Kumar said, “Almost every patient who came to the ward was dying within a few weeks. We had lost hope. When the mother was admitted to the hospital, her oxygen level was 30. Heartbeat was going very fast, she had high fever and she was not conscious.

The team of five doctors was continuously in the Kovid ward
Five doctors of the hospital were doing duty in the Kovid ward round the clock. Dr. Yogita Singh said, ‘April and May were very difficult. Patients were dying, the family members were not supporting us. But her family along with Archana helped a lot.

Had to put on 100% FiO2
Dr. Yogita explained that as soon as Archana came in, she was put on BIPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure), a breathing aid device for people with severe lung and heart ailments. He had to be kept on this respiratory support for two months. At one point things got so dire that he had to put it on 100% FiO2. The natural air we breathe has 21 per cent FiO2.

Gone black fungus too
Gradually Archana’s condition started improving but in mid-June, another problem cropped up. He got black fungus. He had scars and pimples around his nose and eyes. The doctors could not stop Archana’s steroids. Steroids lower the immunity of the body and this causes diseases like black fungus to grow in the body. Meanwhile, to clear his lungs, doctors started chest physiotherapy two weeks ago.

Doctors told that this is one of the rare cases that Archana was directly discharged from the ICU. Archana’s husband Bir Singh, is a farmer. They have two sons Puneet and Kunal, both pharmacy students.

Archana Devi

Archana Devi