September 26, 2021


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Water on Mars: New study claims, there are no water lakes on Mars, soil deceives the eyes


life on Mars The hopes of scientists engaged in the discovery of this may get a setback. In fact, what was believed to be a water lake here, it is now likely that they may be frozen clay soil. Research scientist Isaac Smith of the Planetary Science Institute says that radar data taken in 2018 with the help of MARSIS mounted on the European Space Agency’s Mars Express water on mars questions the possibility.

What if no water?
Smith says that frozen clay can cause reflection at cryogenic temperatures. He says that the amount of temperature and salt needed for water to remain in the form of liquid, it seems that it is not actually water but a mineral called smectites. It is a type of clay which is similar to volcanic rocks and is found in abundance on Mars.

The researchers cooled these smectites to -42 degrees Celsius, and at this temperature, if water is above them, it looks like what MARSIS showed. In the year 2018, MARSIS claimed the presence of a lake of water under the ice of the South Pole of Mars. Two years later, researchers found several salt lakes of about 6 miles.

not everyone agree

Smith says that it is difficult to get water in the form of liquid, but many people, including Geoffrey Plott of NASA JPL, do not agree with him. He says that in the original paper it was not proved that there is water and the new paper does not prove that there is no water but we try to combine the possibilities to reach a consensus.


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No water on Mars?

No water on Mars?