September 26, 2021


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Chandigarh lake club: Strange rules of Chandigarh lake club! Small test of socks will have to be done, the abusers are those who call gym OK…



  • Chandigarh’s Lake Club made some such rules that became the reason for jokes on social media
  • Although gym operators say that these strange rules are someone’s ‘prank’
  • These rules include the smell test of nudes, the approval of specific abuses and the forced shaving of the hair of the legs.

Gyms and health clubs around the world had to be closed due to Kovid. Now concession has been given when the case is less and gyms etc. have started reopening but with some rules. But the Lake Club of Chandigarh made some such rules which became the reason for jokes on social media. Although gym operators say that these strange rules are someone’s ‘prank’.

A notice has gone viral on social media in which four points are written. Initially, everything seems normal, which states that gym-goers have to wear appropriate gym suits and pay special attention to undergarments. But it further states that only those undergarments can be used which have been approved by the gym. Such undergarments will have to be stamped by the gym office. Undergarments samples will also be kept there.

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Copy of notice which went viral on social media

Socks have to pass the test
The second point refers to the dirty and smelly socks of gym goers. It says that socks will have to be washed daily. The members who are wearing dirty socks or those who fail the ‘Small Test’ will be fined. This rule will also apply to body odor. There was a lot of fun here on the small test of socks. People wondered who would smell them?

Abuse is what gym says
The third law is no less unique. It has been clearly said in it that those lifting heavy weights should not abuse. But some Punjabi abuses can be given whose list can be taken from the gym. Only abuse this.

There is thick hair on the legs so be careful
The fourth rule also sounds strange. In this, those wearing shorts have been asked to come after shaving the hair of their legs. If this is not done, then the hair of the feet of the rule breaker will be shaved immediately on the spot.

Now whatever the truth may be, but these rules are really very unique, after hearing them, the stomach started hurting while laughing.


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