September 23, 2021


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Aligarh News: Police reached the false news of murder, unconscious youth came to his senses


A shocking case has come to light in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. On Sunday, a fight broke out between two brothers on the Agra Road of Sasnigate police station area of ​​the district over the exchange of money. In this a young man fainted. In the meantime, someone informed the police that murder had taken place in the case of assault. When the police personnel reached the spot, the unconscious youth came to his senses. The young man told the whole truth behind the assault to the police. On this the police heaved a sigh of relief. Both the brothers have been arrested for disturbing the peace.

According to the police, the real brothers Gaurav and Chanderpal, who live near the petrol pump on Agra Road, are the driver and cleaner of a truck. After getting drunk on Sunday, both the brothers abused and assaulted each other a lot. During the fight, a brother fainted. Someone called the police and told that the young man had been murdered by strangulation. On this, Inspector Govind Ballabh Sharma reached the spot with the force. The unconscious youth Chandrapal came to his senses on seeing the police.


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Action for breach of peace against both brothers
During interrogation, he told that brother Gaurav himself spends the money earned from the truck’s earnings and does not give him anything for expenses. Both of them had a fight over this matter. Inspector Govind Ballabh Sharma said that action for breach of peace has been taken against both the brothers. The mobile phone from which the news of the murder was reported is going off. The case is being investigated.

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