September 26, 2021


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Japan medals in Olympics: Emergency, Corona restrictions… Renunciation did not go in vain, Japan created history with 27 gold

Japan medals in Olympics: Emergency, Corona restrictions... Renunciation did not go in vain, Japan created history with 27 gold


  • Best performance ever with 27 gold medals
  • A total of 58 medals also came in Japan’s bag.
  • Ranked third after USA and China

Despite the pandemic, a year’s delay and rising costs, the people of Japan have had a chance to rejoice at the Tokyo Olympics and that is a record number of medals. Tokyo Olympics were the best for Japan. Apart from winning 27 gold medals in its history, the country also won a total of 58 medals. Japan finished third in the medal tally behind two bigger nations, the US and China.

Emergency in Tokyo from July 12
The Olympics began on 23 July. But before this, emergency was imposed in the city. This six-week emergency will end on August 22. During this, new cases of corona virus were increasing rapidly. Public gatherings were banned. The spectators were banned after reaching the stadium and watching the match. Parks, museums, theaters and restaurants were ordered to be closed after 8 pm.


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The old record of 16 gold was
Prior to this, Japan’s best performance at the Olympic Games was 16 gold medals, which it won during the 1964 Tokyo Games and the 2004 Athens Games. Japan had won only 12 gold during the Rio Olympics five years ago. The US topped with 39 gold medals, one more than China. The US, however, left China far behind in terms of total medals. America won a total of 113 while China won 88 medals.

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What did Japan do differently this time?
Japan won 14 of its total 58 medals in sports that were included in the Tokyo Games. The host country’s medal count always increases and this is usually because it invests more time and money than other sports. Japan lost some of this advantage due to the lack of stadiums to allow spectators, but Japan made up for it this year by winning medals in the five sports added to its Olympic schedule. These five sports were baseball-softball, sports climbing, karate, surfing and skateboarding.

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Four new sports at the Paris Olympics
Each Olympic host is allowed to add certain sports. Breakdancing, surfing, karate and sports climbing will be part of the Games in Paris. Japan won gold medals by defeating the US in the finals of both baseball and softball. The country was also successful in winning three gold medals in skateboarding and one in karate.