September 23, 2021


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Decline in Corona cases and lowest number of deaths in four months, last week gone by giving two good news



  • Corona cases decreased this week after increasing last week
  • 4.2% cases reduced, number of deaths also lowest since April
  • Corona figures gave relief in most of the northeastern states
  • Most people of Himachal Pradesh have got the vaccine

New Delhi
After the last jump in the weekly figures of Kovid-19, there has been a decline of 4% this week. Cases have come down rapidly in many northeastern states, which has affected the weekly data. In the week ending Sunday (August 2-8), more than 2.74 lakh cases were registered. In the week leading up to that (July 26-August-1), the cases were 2.86 lakh. Then for the first time in nearly three months, the increase in the weekly figure was seen. Between July 26 and August 1, cases increased for the first time in nearly 12 weeks. There was an increase of about 27% in the cases of Kerala. Apart from this, cases had also increased in some states of Karnataka and Northeast.

More than half the cases coming from Kerala
In the last week or so, the situation within Kerala seems to be improving slightly. Cases have increased by about 1% as compared to last week. More than 1.41 lakh cases have been reported from Kerala this week, which is the highest weekly figure since May. Of all the new cases reported this week, more than 51% are from Kerala.

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Tamil Nadu, where cases were increasing at a very slow pace for the last 10 days, has registered a growth of 5% this week. There has been an increase of 1% in the figures of Andhra Pradesh. That is, except Telangana, the infection has increased in almost all the southern states this week or last week.

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Rapidly reduced cases in NE states
The main reason for the decline in weekly cases is due to less infection in the northeastern states. There was a 43% decrease in cases from Sikkim this week as compared to last week. Tripura saw a decline of 32%, Arunachal Pradesh 26%, Manipur 25% and Mizoram 22%. In many of these states, cases were increasing till last week.


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Along with the cases, the number of deaths also declined this week. In the week that ended on Sunday, 3,540 patients died. This is the lowest number of deaths on a weekly basis since April. Last week, 3,805 patients died.


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