September 24, 2021


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What should I name this love? 61 year old grandmother engaged to boyfriend of 24 years, picture went viral

 What should I name this love?  61 year old grandmother engaged to boyfriend of 24 years, picture went viral

A 61-year-old woman has engaged with her boyfriend of 24 years in the US state of Georgia. Despite the difference of 37 years in age, the picture of this couple who got engaged is now becoming viral in social media as well. The boyfriend’s name is Curran McCain, while the girlfriend has been identified as Cheryl McGregor. When these two met for the first time, Quran was only 15 years old.

first meeting in restaurant
According to the Daily Mail report, Curran McCain and Cheryl McGregor told that the two first met in the city of Rome in the state of Georgia. He insisted that the two had no romantic feelings until last year. One child of this woman is also older than her boyfriend. Despite this, the woman said that their sex life is great and there is good chemistry between the two.

Said on age difference – we do not think
Curran McCain said we never think about the age difference because Cheryl is so young with her soul and heart. The lover said that I think the biggest misconception is that I am using him or waiting for him to make his will. Cheryl also said that her boyfriend has completely different views.

He has more than 8 lakh followers on Tiktok
Cheryl said she’s been very kind to me and I think it’s because she’s so young. He can never do that. He is very emotional and takes care of me. He is emotional and also shows that he really cares about me. Both of them have also opened a Tiktok account for their fans. His account @ttvleolove-3 has over 826,000 followers.

The woman’s son was the manager of the restaurant
The couple first met in 2012 at a restaurant in Rome, Georgia. Cheryl’s son Chris was the manager of this restaurant. Cheryl often used to visit this restaurant to meet her son or get food. At that time, Koran was only 15 years old, so there was an acquaintance between the two, but there was nothing like love. Curran said that Cheryl was driving a luxury car, which was why I looked at her so carefully.

met last year after a long time
Later, Koran left the job of that restaurant. After which the couple met on November 4 last year at a departmental store. Curran had come here to buy some stuff, where he met Cheryl, working as a cashier. The Quran said that I used to see her every day, she was always so happy, but today she was sad and when I asked her the reason she started crying.

went on a date and got engaged
Later both of them came in contact with each other. He even made a few videos dancing with her which went viral and garnered 1.3 million likes. Due to which the couple became closer and eventually their relationship turned romantic. The boy told that after this we went on a date and I proposed him. Later we also got engaged.