September 23, 2021


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Cylinder filled truck caught fire on Jaipur-Ajmer highway, explosion still continues, jammed for more than 5 km


A truck filled with LPG gas cylinder caught fire on the Jaipur-Ajmer highway in Rajasthan on Saturday night. As soon as the fire broke out, the entire area was stirred by a loud cylinder explosion. Suddenly, one cylinder after another started exploding with a bang. This caused chaos on the highway. After this accident near Dantari village of Dudu police station area, the highway got jammed. Lines of vehicles were seen stuck in the jam for more than 5 kms. Till the time of writing the news, the cycle of cylinder blasts and blasts continued. At present, the police team has reached the spot and preparations are on to divert the vehicles from other routes.


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Actually, a sudden fire broke out in a trailer filled with LPG gas cylinder passing through the highway. Due to which the sound of explosion was heard for several kilometers. The cylinders kept bursting one by one. After which the police stopped the vehicles on both sides of the highway. This caused a traffic jam for several kilometres.

Bandersindri Police Officer Manju Muleva said that a trailer filled with LPG gas cylinder caught fire on the highway in Dantari village of Dudu police station area. Due to which the cylinders kept in the trailer started bursting with one explosion after another. The explosion of which was heard far and wide. Police reached the spot and vehicular movement was stopped on the highway. Vehicles queued up for several kilometers. No casualties have been reported so far.


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