September 26, 2021


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This is the time, the right time… When PM Modi read this poem from the ramparts of the Red Fort



  • PM Modi reads poetry at the end of his Independence Day address
  • ‘This is the right time, this is the time of India’ first line
  • Our strength is our vitality, our strength is our solidarity: Modi
  • Said PM: I am not a prophet, I believe in the fruits of action

New Delhi
When Prime Minister Narendra Modi was concluding his address on the occasion of Independence Day, he recited a poem. Modi said that “no obstacle can stop India’s dreams and aspirations from being fulfilled in the 21st century. Our strength is our vitality, our strength is our solidarity. Our life force is the spirit of nation first, always first. This is the time. It’s time for shared dreams. It’s time for shared resolve. It’s time for understanding. It’s time for shared efforts… and it’s time to move on to victory.”

Which poem did PM Modi recite from the Red Fort?
It’s time, right time
India’s precious time
has the power of innumerable arms,
There is patriotism everywhere,
You get up, wave the tricolor,
hoist India’s fate

it’s time, right time
India’s precious time
nothing that can’t be done
there’s nothing you can’t get
you get up, you get up
know your potential
know your duty
This is precious time of India
it’s time, right time

This ‘Can Do Generation’, Can Achieve Everything: Modi
PM Modi had earlier said, “I am not a prophet, I believe in the fruits of action. I believe in the youth of the country. My faith is on the sisters-daughters of the country, farmers of the country, professionals of the country. ‘Can Do Generation’, it can achieve every goal.” He said that ‘to fulfill the resolutions which the country has taken today, every person of the country will have to join them, every countryman will have to own it.’

Then if any Prime Minister will hoist the flag here then… when Modi predicted 25 years ahead

‘The nectar of India’s creation’
The PM said that from today it is entering its 75th year of independence and the journey from here till 100 years of independence is the “nectar of India’s creation”. Modi said that there comes a time in the development journey of every country, when that country redefines itself and moves itself forward with new resolutions. He said, “Today that time has come in India’s development journey. Starting from here, the journey of the next 25 years is the nectar of creation of a new India. The fulfillment of our resolves in this nectar period will take us till 100 years of independence.


PM Modi at Red Fort.