September 23, 2021


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Tamilnadu News: 100 days of Stalin government, what do people think about the work done so far?

Tamilnadu News: 100 days of Stalin government, what do people think about the work done so far?

When MK Stalin took over as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 7 May, the DMK returned to power after 10 years. The obstacles were many, with the second wave of the Kovid-19 pandemic and the daily cases reporting around 30,000. Stalin himself admitted in several interviews and media interactions that he was not happy or excited about becoming the chief minister and was concerned about his handling of the Covid crisis.

The chief minister acted with precision as soon as he took office, built a war room and held several meetings with officials and ministers to get to the bottom of the crisis. The result of his initiative is that now Covid-19 is under control and Stalin can rightly be credited with managing the pandemic and preventing further progression of the disease. There are differing opinions about the performance of the DMK government in the last 100 days, with even bitter critics agreeing that Stalin has done well.

AIADMK supported the government on the epidemic
The million dollar question on the minds of political observers, analysts, political students and journalists is whether the Chief Minister will be able to keep pace with the success story the government has written in the last 100 days? The Chief Minister is confident that the goodwill created by the DMK government by indulging in people-friendly measures will be maintained and the momentum will be maintained. The opposition AIADMK had also largely supported the government in combating the pandemic and was not very hostile to the Stalin regime.

The government also retaliated and for the first time in the history of Tamil Nadu, AIADMK leader and former health minister C. Vijabhaskar was included in the 13-member committee set up by the state government to prepare a plan to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. However, two recent incidents of back-to-back raids by the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) wing of the state police on former AIADMK ministers and senior leaders, MR Vijayabhaskar and SP Velumani, have put the ball back in Stalin’s court.

‘DMK government and Chief Minister Stalin are doing politics of revenge’
AIADMK has already come out in the open that the DMK government and Chief Minister Stalin are doing vendetta politics and AIADMK cannot bow down to such steps. Since elections to local bodies in rural constituencies of nine new districts are to be held by September 15, as directed by the Supreme Court, the AIADMK will try to fuel anti-DMK fever across the state, especially among party workers, so that they can vote for the elections. Go out for

dmk government reduced petrol prices
In a masterstroke by the DMK government of slashing petrol prices by Rs 3 per litre, the DMK government found itself in public love and people across the state have welcomed the move. The measure was given by state finance minister PTR Thiagarajan in the first paperless budget of the state to the DMK. The DMK can now proudly claim that one of the most important electoral policies proposed by the party can be accomplished. While the state is already facing a growing crisis due to the economic crisis with Tamil Nadu already in debt of around Rs 5 lakh crore. The Finance Minister’s people-friendly measure by reducing the price of petrol is seen as a measure by the industry and business community.

‘Stalin did a great job in the first 100 days’
Although Stalin was taken aback and said that the government had brought out a white paper on state finances to portray the exact state of state finances before the people, the government would go ahead with the promises that the party had mentioned. According to political observers, Stalin has done a decent job in the first 100 days of his taking over and all the credit goes to him and his team.

‘Stalin has proved he is a leader’
C. Rajeev, director of the Center for Policy and Development Studies (CPDS), a Chennai-based think-tank, said, “The first 100 days of governance were glorious and Stalin has proved that he is a leader and has clearly come out of it. Huh. Under the shadow of his late father M. Karunanidhi and managed the difficult COVID pandemic sufficiently well. However, a big question in the minds of those who watch and seriously watch the policies and programs of the state government is that how will Stalin keep up the momentum as well as the good work he and his government have done.

‘Government must stop the politics of vendetta’
Rajiv further said, ‘If the state government falters in office in the next 100 days, it will be considered a failure.’ Overall, MK Stalin has done well in the first 100 days of his rule, but to maintain the momentum the government must stop the politics of vendetta and instead, make inclusive efforts to achieve better results.