September 23, 2021


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Afghanistan Crisis : Real face exposed! Modi opposes CAA, now refuses to adopt Afghan Muslims



  • Thousands of people are leaving their homes from Afghanistan due to fear of Taliban
  • Turkey, who opposed India over CAA, closed doors for Afghans
  • Turkey is rapidly building a wall along its 295-km border with Iran

New Delhi
The pictures coming from Afghanistan after the Taliban take over are disturbing. The Taliban are trying their best to present themselves as ‘revenge’ and ‘liberal’ in front of the world this time, but the pictures of Kabul are throwing off this ‘mask’. The mask has also descended from countries that were opposing the non-inclusion of Muslims in India’s amended Citizenship Act (CAA) but today are keeping their doors closed only for Muslim refugees from Afghanistan.

Turkey had opposed India’s amended citizenship law in an attempt to portray itself as a supposed champion of Muslim interests and a supposed leader of Muslims around the world. Iran, UAE and Bangladesh are also included in this list. Today scary pictures are coming from Kabul. Pictures of people loading into the plane like sheep and goats at the airport, trying to climb somehow, falling from the plane in mid-air… Thousands of people are trying to get out of Afghanistan safely at any cost. But neither Turkey nor Iran has extended a hand to these helpless people. Turkey has rapidly erected a concrete wall along its border with Iran to prevent refugees from Afghanistan from entering it via Iran.


Inside view of the US Air Force plane that left Kabul, the picture is telling how much fear of Taliban among people

The pictures coming from Kabul are heart-wrenching. When this is the condition of the capital, how much fear the Taliban will be in the remote areas of Afghanistan or the brutality this terrorist group will be doing, the soul will tremble at the thought of it. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), more than half a million people in Afghanistan have fled their homes since the start of the violence this year. This figure is from before the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan.


More than 80 people trapped in Kabul Gurdwara… Afghani Sikhs erupted in pain

This humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan has exposed the true face of Turkey. He has deported more than 12 thousand Afghans taking refuge here so far this year. To prevent more refugees from coming in, it is building concrete walls very quickly along its 295-km-long border with Iran. Turkey does not border Afghanistan. Iran shares its border with Afghanistan. It has announced the creation of “temporary refugee camps” in its three border provinces, but it too does not seem to be accepting these people with open arms.


History of Taliban

On the other side is India, which has not only airlifted its citizens from Kabul, but also the people of Afghanistan. India may have closed its embassy in Afghanistan, withdrawn all staff, but continues to offer e-visa options for the people of Afghanistan in this hour of crisis. By the way, the CAA which was being opposed by countries like Turkey, it does not apply even to Hindus and Sikhs coming from Afghanistan because its provision was for people who had come to India before December 31, 2014.


People queuing outside Kabul Airport on Tuesday