September 23, 2021


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Poisonous snakes, considering the scuba diver as ‘girlfriend’, came so much love in the breeding season that they were chased 13 times!


A scuba diver in Australia whenever sea snakes (Sea snakes) they used to stick to his feet. He used to follow her several times. At first he did not understand what was the reason behind it. Now in a study, Diver, along with researchers, has found that these creatures started considering her as their ‘girlfriend’. Actually, it was breeding time and these male snakes thought that they were wooing the female.

looking for girlfriend
In this study 158 such incidents were studied. Observing olive sea snakes in the Great Barrier Reef found that such incidents are common in this season. Lead author of the study and reptile expert Rick Shine at Macquarie University in Australia told Live Science that males are very excited and actively seek out “girlfriends”. However, these females are unable to differentiate between snakes and scuba divers. This study is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

chased 13 times
Tim Lynch and Shine were doing research on sea snakes and thought of publishing about 25 years of data. So far, the behavior of snakes has not changed regarding this. They do not attack humans but are curious. They are poisonous but swimming with them is not a danger. These snakes arrived 74 times during the breeding season from May to August near Lynch. He also chased Lynch 13 times. They used to drape over his feet.

How much danger?
Shine says that sea snakes have evolved from snakes that live on land. Therefore, the ability of the water to see properly inside the water is not fully developed. It depends a lot on the smell. They can also find out by licking what the object in front is. Based on the analysis of their tongue chemicals, with the help of a gland attached to the mouth, it finds out what the snake is near.