September 23, 2021


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Watch: Children’s park became a victim of Taliban fundamentalism, set on fire, said – idols cannot be tolerated


After the occupation of Afghanistan, many videos of Taliban were released on social media. In a video, Taliban terrorists were seen playing with swings in an amusement park in Kabul. Fighters were seen playing with bumper cars and merry-go rounds. In the latest video, an amusement park can be seen burning which was set ablaze by the Taliban. The Taliban, which promised rights to children and women, has been exposed within a week of the capture of Kabul.

Fire started because of idols
Begha’s Bokhadi amusement park is seen burning in a video shared on social media. The user who posted this wrote that the reason behind burning the park is the idols in public here and idols are banned in Islam. Sharing the video, the user claimed, ‘Taliban set fire to Bokhadi amusement park in Begha, Sheberghan. This is because the statues standing here are in public access and idols are illegal in Islam. This is the logic of the brutal regime of the Taliban.

Taliban knocking from door to door
After the occupation of Afghanistan, pictures and videos coming out from across the country and especially from Kabul are indicating that the country is in chaos. Taliban fighters are going door-to-door in Kabul to search for Afghan civilians who helped foreign troops. The United Nations has also issued a warning in this regard. The terrorists have also threatened to harm the families of these people.
Taliban going door to door searching for ‘traitors’, threatening those helping soldiers
Common citizens becoming targets of terrorists
In the past, local citizens in Jalalabad hoisted the Afghan flag instead of the Taliban flag and marched against the group. The Taliban opened fire on them to disperse the crowd, injuring a man and a teenager. People were seen protesting against the Taliban in several districts with Afghan flags. The special thing is that women were also involved in this protest, who were protesting with the Afghan flag and shouting – our flag is our identity.

Amusement park on fire

fire in children’s park