September 26, 2021


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Pakistan stole US$33 billion, 50 times more dangerous than Taliban?

Pakistan stole US$33 billion, 50 times more dangerous than Taliban?


  • Taliban rule came in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI
  • America attacked Afghanistan 20 years ago after the 9/11 attacks
  • During this, America took help from Pakistan to eliminate Taliban and Al Qaeda.

With the help of Pakistani army and intelligence agency ISI, Taliban rule has once again come in Afghanistan. America attacked Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. During this, America took help from Pakistan to eliminate the Taliban and Al Qaeda. At the same time, in return, the US gave a huge financial aid of $ 33 billion to Pakistan between the year 2002 and 2018. In this, the aid of $ 14.6 billion was given only to the Pakistan Army. Even after eating so much money, the Pakistanis stab America in the back and the Taliban has once again been occupied in Afghanistan.

Famous columnist Sadanand Dhume, in his article in the Wall Street General, says that during these nearly 16 years, Pakistan has ensured that America’s Afghanistan project fails. For this, Pakistan gave refuge to Taliban terrorists, provided them with training and weapons. He said that Pakistan, with a population of 200 million, is a nuclear-weapon state and many people celebrated the arrival of Taliban rule in the neighboring country.
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Imran calls Taliban rule a breaker of slavery chains
Dhume says that the military generals of Pakistan’s Taliban friends felt that the wind was on their side after the withdrawal of US forces after the Taliban rule. In their official statement, Pakistanis say that they want a peaceful settlement of Afghanistan, but there is also a capital in the world where the Taliban rule was celebrated. Its name is Islamabad. The Prime Minister of Pakistan described the Taliban rule as a breaker of slavery chains.

On social media, former generals of the Pakistan Army declared the victory of Islam and celebrated. At the same time, Pakistanis fiercely shared a video in which Hamid Gul, the former chief of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, is seen saying, ‘When history is written, it will be emphasized that ISI defeated the Soviet Union in Afghanistan with the help of America. Gave it Then there will be another jumla… ISI defeated America with the help of America.
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Donald Trump understands Pakistan’s deception
Donald Trump understood this deception of Pakistan and after coming to power, he stopped his military help. When America was giving money to Pakistan for action against Taliban, at the same time Pakistan started raising Taliban again and ensured that this America Afghanistan project was completely failed. Sarah Chayes, a former adviser to the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says, ‘We found ourselves in a religious crisis. You are giving money to a country which has created your enemy and you are constantly fighting with your enemy.

Sara said, ‘If you want to win the war, you have to take action against Pakistan. On the other hand, if you want to act in Afghanistan, you have to persuade Pakistan. Taking advantage of this situation, the generals of the Pakistan Army are playing a double game. On one hand they are pretending to help America, while on the other hand they are helping enemies.