September 23, 2021


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Kalyan Singh Death: Because of his humanity and justice, the welfare of Muslims was also liked by the ancestral villagers like this



  • Kalyan Singh was popular among the Muslims of his ancestral village
  • Muslims were impressed by the humanity and justice of welfare
  • Kalyan Singh was recognized as a strong Hinduist leader.

In this way, Kalyan Singh became famous throughout the country as an advocate of Hindutva. He was one of the flag bearers of the Ram Mandir movement. But due to his humanity and justice, he was also the apple of the eyes of the Muslims of the ancestral village. The body of Kalyan Singh, popularly known as ‘Babuji’ among the people, was brought to his native village Madhauli in Aligarh on Sunday evening.

The mortal remains of Kalyan Singh, who was the two-time Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest state, will be cremated with full state honors on Monday at Rajghat in Narora. Kalyan Singh was recognized as a strong Hinduist leader. But because of his human qualities and justice, he was also very popular among the Muslims of his village.

Kalyan Singh News: Kalyan Singh was popularly known as ‘Babuji’ among the supporters, always participated in the happiness and sorrow of the people
‘Scared to stop Muslims from leaving the village’
Haider Ali, a member of a distinguished family from Pindrawal near Atrauli, recalled Kalyan Singh’s human values ​​and his spirit of caring for Muslims. Asad recounted an incident that took place in 1991 amid communal tension in the country over the Ayodhya dispute, “Babuji had come to his village soon after becoming the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. When he came to the village, he saw some Muslim families in fear who were leaving their homes and going to other places. Babuji immediately stopped him and said that he need not fear from anyone and he should never leave the village.

‘If the hair of Muslims is damaged, then the officers will be responsible’
According to Asad, Kalyan Singh called the local police officials and said that if the hair of any Muslim family is also shaved, then the concerned police officers will be held accountable. Asad said that such a case related to Kalyan Singh is not alone. A large number of Muslim families lived around his bungalow in the Civil Lines of Aligarh city and Babuji had very warm relations with all those families.

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I will not be able to forget the justice of welfare: Javed
Javed, the great-grandson of the Nawab of Charri, shared similar memories. He told that in the year 1991, a property of his family in Bulandshahr was illegally confiscated by some local authorities. When he along with his father went to Kalyan Singh with a complaint, he ordered an immediate inquiry and assured that no injustice would be done to him. Javed said that he can never forget how prompt justice was done to him.

Kalyan Singh, beloved of Muslims

Kalyan Singh, beloved of Muslims