September 23, 2021


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Covid Third Wave: Will the third wave of Corona come or not? Government reports and scientific claims increased the confusion of parents


New Delhi
Schools have opened in all the states. At the same time, some are preparing for it. Meanwhile, a report by the government and a scientific claim detracting from it has increased the confusion of the parents. They are confused about sending their children to school. Actually, the National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) has warned of a third wave. until October in third wave of corona Expected to come. It has been told that it can reach the peak around October. NIDM comes under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The report emphasizes on special preparation for children. In contrast, IIT-Kanpur senior scientist Prof Manindra Agarwal has claimed that the possibility of a third wave of corona in the country is now negligible.

Parents are completely confused with both the reports coming almost simultaneously. The question has arisen in front of them whether they should send their children to school or not. Schools have already opened in many states. At the same time, many schools are preparing to open.

What does NIDM report say?
Expert panel constituted under NIDM has warned of third wave. It has said that the third wave may reach its peak around October. He has asked to be prepared to deal with the situations. The panel has submitted the report to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). The report cited a Reuters opinion survey. In the survey, 40 experts have indicated the arrival of a third wave of corona in India between July 15 and October 31, 2021. Children are at greatest risk of this.

Third wave may knock in October, children fear more danger; Expert committee submitted report to PMO

emphasis on being prepared
In view of the danger of the third wave, the report has asked to make special preparations for the children. According to the report, there is a severe shortage of medical facilities for the children. Doctors, staff, ventilators, ambulances etc. will be needed. In the report, special attention has been given to the vaccination of seriously ill and disabled children on priority basis.

Claims of no third wave coming
At the same time, IIT Kanpur senior scientist Professor Manindra Agarwal has claimed that the possibility of a third wave of corona in the country is now negligible. Professor Aggarwal said that the reason behind this is a large number of vaccines. His claim is based on the mathematical model. Aggarwal said that by October, the active cases of corona infection in the country would be around 15,000. The reason for this will be the presence of infection in the northeastern states including Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam, Arunachal. At the same time, states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh will be almost free from infection.

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Parrots confused by two different claims
Parents are confused by these two different things. Their concern is whether they send their children to school or not. When the situation is not clear, why are some states keeping the schools open. Seeing the reaction of most parents on social media, it seems that they want the schools to remain closed.

What is the danger when the school opens?
There are many dangers when the school opens. The first thing is that the children have not been vaccinated. Currently, only people above the age of 18 are getting the vaccine in the country. The second important thing is that when the elders are not adopting Kovid Appropriate Behavior, then how can it be expected from the children. It is difficult to be sure how the rules of social distancing will be implemented in the school. Third, in the second wave of Corona, the whole country has seen the fury of this virus. The medical facility and infrastructure for children in the country is not very strong anyway. If children become infected, parents may also have to live with them. There is hardly any city in the country which has so many arrangements to handle the situation. Therefore, most parents are not ready to take risks with their children.

Corona started trending
Amidst the government report and claim, #ThirdWaveOfCorona started trending on Twitter on Monday. With this hashtag, people gave their own reactions to the third wave of Corona. Most expressed their victory over the children.