September 26, 2021


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National Minorities Commission strict on bangle beating case in Indore, seeking reply by sending notice to collector


of Madhya Pradesh bangle man beating in indore The Minorities Commission has sent a notice to the Collector in the matter. National Commission for Minorities Taking cognizance of the matter, calling it an injury on the secular structure of the country, has sought a reply from the Collector.

The commission has asked the collector why the attack was made on his arrival in the majority area by asking the religion of the minority person. Describing the incident as shameful, the commission said that it is against the secular structure of the country.

Let us inform that after beating the bangle man in Banganga police station area, hundreds of people gheraoed the police station. They were demanding the arrest of the accused. The hand of SDPI and PFI has come to the fore in this demonstration at the Central Kotwali police station.


SP Ashutosh Bagri has told that two accused have been arrested under the dispute in Banganga police station area. The search for the other accused is on. 14 sections of IPC have been imposed against the accused. Seeing the video, the police have identified the accused.

Indore News: Case of beating of bangle, the name of SDPI and PFI came to the fore in the police station, Imran Pratapgarhi sent mobile to the victim

Earlier, Indore Collector Manish Singh has said that we are keeping an eye on the entire incident. The Collector has said that the demonstrations in Sunday’s incident were objectionable. The collector said that the hands of the people of SDPI and PFI have come to the fore. Also, the intelligence department is keeping an eye on SDPI and PFI. The collector said that strict action will be taken against whoever is doing the work of disturbing the atmosphere.