September 23, 2021


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Delhi: Traders are also feeling relief due to the opening of the market till late night



  • Restaurant and bar operators happy with the removal of the ban at 10 pm
  • In view of the festive season, it was necessary to remove the ban.
  • Business will be back on track once the ban is lifted

New Delhi
After being largely under Kovid control in Delhi, the Delhi government has lifted the restriction on the timing of opening and closing of malls, markets, restaurants, bars. Now they have been allowed to open as before. This has given great relief to the traders, restaurant and bar operators of the markets. Right now the markets had to be closed at 8 pm due to restrictions related to Kovid. At the same time, restaurants, bars etc. had to be locked at 10 pm. This was causing a lot of damage to the business. However, some restrictions will still remain in force and the rules will also have to be compulsorily followed as before.

We had not even opened our restaurant
RS, who runs a bar and restaurant in the name of Garage Inc in Hauz Khas Village, one of the most Happening places in South Delhi. The maker told that our customers start coming from 9-10 o’clock in the night. Our business is based on drinks and dinner only. In such a situation, it was not possible to run the business with the ban of closing at 10 pm. For this reason, we had not yet opened our restaurant, but now with the relaxation in timings, we will be able to run our business at least till 1 o’clock in the night. That’s why we have decided that now we will reopen our restaurant in the next three-four days. However, only half the customers will still be allowed entry from the seating capacity and drinking drinks while standing at the counter will also be prohibited.

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Business will get back on track after the ban is lifted
Manpreet Singh, Treasurer of the National Restaurant Association of India and Director of Zen Restaurant in Connaught Place, said that this step of the government is very positive. Due to the timing restrictions, there was a problem for us as well and the customers were also upset. Many a times we had to pay the bills to the customers before finishing the dinner. People could not comfortably have dinner. Now with the relaxation of timing, our business will be able to get back on track and the problem of over crowding in the evening will also be reduced.

According to Sunil Malhotra, operator of Embassy Restaurants, more than 60 percent of the restaurant industry’s business is based on customers coming for dinner. Especially the restaurants that serve drinks, they have customers after 8-9 pm as soon as they come. In such a situation, the loss which we were suffering till now due to the removal of timing restrictions, will now be compensated for.

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In view of the festive season, it was necessary to remove the ban.
According to Ashwini Marwah, general secretary of Lajpat Nagar Market Association, due to the early closure of the market, the market used to get crowded in the evening, which made it difficult to follow the rules. Now due to the late opening of the market, the crowd will be dispersed and it will be easier to follow the Kovid protocol. This will also improve the business and the shopkeepers will get a lot of relief. In view of the festive season, it was necessary to lift the ban. This decision will bring great relief to us.

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Kuldeep Singh Sahni, president of Sarojini Market Shopkeepers Association, says that usually people used to go to the market with family after coming home from office in the evening. In such a situation, the crowd which used to increase suddenly in the evening. This decision of the government is welcome and in view of the festive season, it is expected that this will benefit the shopkeepers. We will ensure that people follow the COVID protocol well.