September 26, 2021


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Prayagraj news: Cyber ​​fraud is hollowing the country like termites, High Court sent notice to Centre, State and Reserve Bank


Allahabad High Court Said that cyber thugs are hollowing out the whole country like termites. The economic condition of the country is deteriorating. cyber fraud The accountability should be fixed so that the money is not lost. How to protect the hard earned money of honest poor citizens from cyber fraud.

In this matter, the court has sought a response by issuing notices to the central and state governments and the Reserve Bank of India. The court said that the responsibility of the bank and the police should be fixed. The court said when even the judge is not safe, then what should be said about the common man. The state government should fix the accountability of the bank and the police to stop cheating. The petition will now be heard on September 14. Justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav has given this order while hearing the application of Neeraj Mandal alias Rakesh.

‘Banks and police are not serious’
The High Court said that SP Crime UP, SP Crime Prayagraj and Inspector Cyber ​​Crime had been asked what is the status of registered crimes of cyber fraud of more than one lakh and less than one lakh in the state and Prayagraj, but the affidavits of the officers are not satisfactory. Huh. It seems that both the bank and the police are not serious. People’s life capital is looted and they are told that the fraud took place from far flung areas. Even the police are afraid to go to the Naxal area. Refunds are difficult. People sit blaming fate. Cyber ​​criminals take advantage of the slowness of banks and police.


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