September 23, 2021


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12 US soldiers killed in Kabul blasts, US President can make big announcement



  • Twelve American soldiers have been killed in two blasts outside the airport in Kabul on Thursday evening.
  • US officials have confirmed this late at night, 11 Marines and a Navy soldier are among the dead.
  • US President Joe Biden is monitoring the situation in the Situation Room and can make a big announcement

Twelve American soldiers have been killed in two blasts in Kabul on Thursday evening. Late night US officials have confirmed this. Among the dead, 11 are Marines and one Navy soldier, 15 soldiers are said to be injured. US President Joe Biden is monitoring the situation in the Situation Room. In the changed situation, America can take a big decision on its strategy in Afghanistan. The meeting between US President Biden and the Israeli PM has been cancelled.

Initially it was said that at least 13 people died in these, later this number increased to 60. These two attacks took place outside the airport. The first attack took place at the Abbey Gate near the Baron Hotel, the second at the Main Gate. Terrorist organization ISIS has claimed responsibility. However, late Thursday night, Russian media reported that a third blast also took place in Kabul. There is no confirmation about this as of now.
Taliban flared up over Kabul airport blast, said – the security of that area was handed over to the US Army
Biden had already given an alert of attack
US President Joe Biden himself had warned of an attack on Kabul airport at least three times. On 20 August, he had said that we are also keeping a close watch on any possible terrorist threat in or near the airport. This includes ISIS allies in Afghanistan who have been released after breaking into prisons. On 22 August also he had said that we are on constant vigil to monitor and intercept threats from any source. On August 24, Biden also said that the longer we stay, the greater the risk of an attack by a terrorist group called ISIS-K.

explosions in crowded places
News agency AP quoted eyewitnesses as saying that many people have died in the blast. Adam Khan, who was waiting outside the airport, said that the blast happened at a crowded place where people were waiting to enter the airport. According to Khan, he was standing just 30 meters away from the blast site. Many people have been killed and injured in this. The limbs of some people have been mutilated. Thousands of Afghan nationals were present outside the airport at the time of the incident. In such a situation, the number of casualties can increase significantly.
America and Britain had alerted about the terrorist attack in Kabul, a few hours later the airport was shaken by two suicide attacks by ISIS
Four terrorists were caught after Kabul airport
A few days ago, the Taliban had caught four ISIS terrorists from outside the Kabul airport. These terrorists were doing recce of the areas around the airport. Meanwhile, US intelligence agencies had given strong information that ISIS terrorists can attack outside the airport at any time. The White House had also said that the more days American soldiers stayed at Kabul Airport, the greater the risk of attack on them.

Taliban said they had eliminated ISIS
A day earlier, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed that Islamic State had been wiped out from Afghan soil. The Taliban has clearly stated that it will not allow Islamic State to spread its foothold in its country. In such a situation, it is believed that ISIS has tried to send a message with today’s attack that it is still a great force on Afghan soil.

That’s why ISIS is teased by Taliban
ISIS has been irritated since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. This terrorist group also launched a major campaign against the Taliban through its supporting social media accounts. Through their posts, these ISIS supporters are continuously criticizing the Taliban. ISIS-backed media groups published some 22 propaganda articles between August 16 and August 22. Most of these are in the form of posters.

biden kabul

US President Joe Biden (file photo)