September 26, 2021


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If India remains submissive like this, then Taliban will sit in the lap of China-Pakistan


Dr. Veda Pratap Vaidik

All our political parties and foreign policy experts are deeply concerned about the Afghan policy of the Government of India. He is happy that the Taliban are not harassing Indians at all and the Indian government is showing great promptness in their return. Whatever she is doing, it is an essential duty of the government of any country, but her duty does not end here. Protecting Indian national interests in Afghanistan is his first religion. In this matter, the Government of India seems to be continuously erring. The clarification presented by External Affairs Minister Jaishankar in the latest meeting today is not satisfactory at all. He said that the agreement reached by the Taliban in Doha has not been followed and the Indian government has so far adopted the policy of ‘sit and watch’ (wait and watch).

Don’t know whether the leaders who came in that meeting pulled Jaishankar on this issue or not? He should have asked Jaishankar who had got the deal done between the Taliban and the Afghan government? Was it done by the Indian government? That agreement was made by America. America was to be angry at the non-implementation of the agreement, but instead you are getting angry? Is this outrage fake or not? America’s top spy officer William Burns is going to Kabul and talking to Taliban leaders and you are sitting here with your tail pressed. You turned out to be even more cowardly than the fledgling President Ashraf Ghani. He had lost his life. What was the threat to you from the Taliban? Has the Taliban made a single anti-India statement after the Doha accord?

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You are more afraid of the Taliban than the general public of Kabul is. You are Hamid Karzai and Dr. Are afraid to help even best friends of India like Abdullah. If this submissive policy of yours continues for a few more weeks, you will surely force the Taliban to sit in the lap of China and Pakistan. Just pay attention to what the Speaker, British MP Tom Tugandhat said at the G-7 meeting in London yesterday. He has said that India should also be included in this group, because the worst effect of the Afghan upheaval will be on a country like India.

How ironic it is that an experienced Foreign Service officer is our Foreign Minister and we remain silent spectators to such serious upheavals in our neighbourhood. The regret is more on the leaders of our political parties, who are not using their discretion. The policy of bureaucrats is- sit and watch. But the policy of the leaders is to sit and keep sleeping.

(The author is an expert on Afghan affairs. He is in constant touch with Afghan leaders.)

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.