September 25, 2021


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China made invisible EMP weapon to kill drones, Indo-US tension increased

China made invisible EMP weapon to kill drones, Indo-US tension increased

China has tested an invisible weapon amid the ongoing tension with India and America. This weapon can drop any unmanned aerial vehicle (drone or UAV) of the enemy on the ground in an instant. This weapon is a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP). With this, the command signal received by enemy drones can be jammed. In such a situation, the control of the drone will be broken from the command center of the enemy countries and it will become inactive and fall on the ground.

Drone flying above 1500 meters shot down
It is being told that China has also conducted a successful test of its electromagnetic pulse weapon. The weapon was fired and a drone flying 1,500 meters (4,920 ft) above sea level was successfully shot down. It is being told that this electromagnetic pulse weapon has been made by China’s defense company China Electronics Technology Group (CETC).

China did field trials for the first time
This test is being called the field trial of China’s first electromagnetic pulse weapon. The EMP weapon used in the test operates within a narrow band. Which means the microwave beam it produces is designed for a long firing range. In such a situation, it can keep a very long area safe from enemy drones and UAVs.

What happened after firing the EMP
The flight control system of the targeted drone had failed after the pulse weapon was fired, the researchers said. According to a paper in the Chinese journal Electronic Information Warfare Technology, in this experiment the drone did not fall immediately, but unexpectedly swung from side to side. Later, after flying some distance, he fell down.

This was the reason for the drone to move on the other side!
CETC engineer Wen Yunpeng and his colleagues said one possible explanation for the drone’s behavior is that the drone may have issued an error control command due to a malfunction in the flight control system. The research paper did not give details about the date and place of use of this weapon, or the distance between the EMP weapon and the target.

How does EMP work?
EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons uses waves emanating from electromagnetic pulse cannons. It uses a super-powerful microwave system to generate a focused beam of energy. The energy released from the EMP causes a voltage surge in electronic devices such as drones. Before a drone or any other electronic device can control its temperature, this weapon renders it useless.