September 23, 2021


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‘Jahangir, Akbar, Humayun dacoit’ … that rhetorical video of Manoj Muntashir, know what is the whole matter

'Jahangir, Akbar, Humayun dacoit' ... that rhetorical video of Manoj Muntashir, know what is the whole matter

New Delhi
Famous Lyricist, Screenwriter and Poet Manoj Muntashir These days in the headlines. The reason for this is a video clip of him. In this video clip tweeted on August 24, Muntashir had described Jahangir, Akbar and Humayun as ‘glorified’ dacoits. His video went viral within a few hours. Where many people accused him of ‘instigating sentiments’. At the same time, a campaign started in his support in large numbers. The hashtag ‘ISupportMonojMuntashir’ started trading on Twitter.

What did Muntashir say in the video?
Manoj Muntashir has written songs for films like ‘Kesari’ and ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’. Sharing the video clip from his Twitter handle, he wrote – ‘Whose descendant are you?’ Muntashir is saying in this video that the country has been brainwashed and roads have been named after ‘dacoits’ like Akbar, Humayun and Jahangir. In the pre-primary textbook, Ganesh was removed from ‘G’ and ‘G’ was written as ‘Gadda’ and we did not even touch our forehead. He asked, was the ideal king who killed 30 thousand civilians in Chittorgarh! The district where Meena Bazar was set up in front of the Agra Fort was Elahi! Jille Ilahi means the shadow of God, which God is this whose shadow is so dark. Choose your heroes and villains irrespective of caste. This is the tradition of this great country. Who was Ravan. was a brahmin. But, have you seen any brahmin praising Ravana?

Many celebrities protested
Many Bollywood celebrities including actress Richa Chadha, director Neeraj Ghaywan and lyricist and screenwriter Mayur Puri did not like his words. Richa Chadha even wrote on her video clip, ‘Shameful. Bad poem. Not worth watching. Your surname should also be removed. Why take advantage of something you hate? Neeraj Ghaywan said, ‘Inclusion of casteism with bigotry.’ However, many users including filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri also supported Manoj Muntashir.

Muntashir had a special conversation with us
Muntashir had a special conversation with our partner news channel ‘Times Now Navbharat’ on Friday. In this interview, he gave his stand on the disturbing video. When asked why he suddenly needed to say such things and how he sees a flaw in the education policy now? On this, Manoj Muntashir said that if the donkey was from ‘C’ from the beginning, then there was no problem in it. But, this changed in the 70s. The reason is that Ganesh did not suit the policymaker with ‘C’. He said that he is not advocating ‘Ganesh ji’. All they mean to say is that we should not try to distort the tradition which is thousands of years old. Muntashir said that he did not talk anti-Islam and anti-Muslim anywhere in his entire video clip. Then how are people accusing him of inciting riots? Muntashir said, ‘I touch my father’s feet. I touch with pride. I am proud of my legacy. You cannot choose your hero based on caste.

ashfaq kalam my hero
Muntashir described Ashfaq Ullah Khan, APJ Abdul Kalam and Abdul Hameed as his heroes. He said that should I not consider him a hero because I am a Hindu. We don’t think so small. Despite being a Brahmin, Ravan is not my hero. I will keep burning his effigy. Jaichand also cannot be my hero.

I respect the Muslims of the country
Muntashir said that he is proud of the Muslims of the country. He respects them. He chose to live in India at the time of partition. They have to live as brothers in India. But, as a brother, someone remains when he rises above religion, religion, caste. If a Muslim brother takes away the stone thrown at Babur and Akbar, then it is not their fault. He said, ‘I will keep throwing this stone for the rest of my life.’

came to rob and settled
When Muntashir was asked whether there are people like Kabir Khan in his industry who say that the Mughals really built the country, he said that it is a matter of money. He said that when someone is associated with a project, he also defends it. He asked, ‘Did they really come to build the nation after traveling thousands of kms? Did Turks, Mongols, Afghans come thinking that this is a very beautiful country, we will make it more beautiful? Who doesn’t understand such a basic thing? The truth is that you came to rob us and settled here.’

from historians expressed unhappiness
Muntashir said that the historians of this country have been very lazy. He is also angry with them. He said, ‘I cannot remain silent for my own personal gain. I am alive because I am speaking, the world does not tell the story of a dumb person. Muntashir said, ‘Veer Savarkar, Maharaja Hammir Singh, Maharaja Chhatrasal, we have to sit and talk about them today, so it is a matter of regret.