September 23, 2021


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Kota News: Gang war took place in Kota’s MBS hospital – knives ran out, blood spilled on the floor, panic among patients



  • Another gang came to kill the youth admitted to Kota’s MBS Hospital
  • Knife between the two gangs in the hospital, two people injured
  • On July 18, the young man was stabbed in the same MBS hospital with a knife.

Arjun Arvind, Kota
Rajasthan Law and order are in captivity and the miscreants are in fun. This is the reason that the goonda raj of miscreants is going on in the state. Gunda Raj is not running on the road but in the hospital. A gang war took place on Thursday night at Maharao Bhim Singh Hospital in Kota city of the state. A fierce fight broke out between two gang miscreants.

The members of one gang entered the main surgical ward with a gun, knife and pipe with the intention of killing the youth of another gang who was admitted to the hospital. There was a fierce knife between his colleagues who were already sitting near the admitted patient and the miscreants who came to kill him. The gun fell. Thus the firing incident was averted. But the fight left blood splattered in the hospital.

One member each of the two gangs injured in knife fighting
One member each of the two gangs was injured by a knife in the gang war. Nayapura police station took both of them into custody. He got treated in the hospital. Now the police are interrogating him closely regarding the quarrel. It is said that the miscreants had come to kill Bunty Prajapati, a resident of Bajrang Nagar, admitted in the gallery of the main surgical ward of MBS Hospital under Nayapura police station area. There was an incident of knife pelting in both the sides present there. Police have taken three people into custody.

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‘People from another gang had come to kill’
The admitted patient Bunty told that some time ago he had a fight with Raju Suman. Raju Suman and his associates had assaulted Bunty. Bunty has been hospitalized since then. The members of another gang had come only to kill him. But there was a fight between Bunty’s companions present there and the other side.

Bunty said – a person had brought a pistol, the police said – no
Bunty says that a person had also brought a pistol, but seeing the dispute escalating, everyone ran away. Bunty alleged that Gajendra Meena, Manish Meena, Shyam Mehra, Ravindra Bairwa, Murli and others were involved to kill him. At the same time, the police say that Manish Chaddha of one side, while Ravindra of the other side has suffered injuries. The police is investigating the matter. MBS Police Outpost Incharge Mukesh Gurjar said that the quarrel took place between two sides. The matter of coming to the hospital with a drop has not come to the fore.

In July, the patient’s friend stabbed the patient in the same hospital.
It is worth mentioning that on 18th July also there was a fight between the relatives of two patients over the issue of dirty sheets in the orthopedic ICU ward. A patient’s friend had stabbed another patient’s friend. In such a situation, due to such incidents in July and August in the same hospital, the fear of law and order not only in Kota city but also in Rajasthan is not visible among the criminals. Criminal elements are committing crimes anywhere.


Police interrogating both the youths who were injured in the stabbing incident