September 22, 2021


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Pakistan’s satellite air base active on India and Afghan border… What is the enemy’s intention?


New Delhi
Pakistan is doing a lot of jumps these days. His motives are under suspicion. Pakistan’s intelligence agencies can be seen openly interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Pakistan Air Force has activated an airbase on the Eastern Front in Balochistan, close to Afghanistan.

Sources have told that Pakistani Air Force It has also activated two other satellite air bases named Kotli and Rawalkot on the Indian border. The enemy country has 12 active and the same number of satellite airports for operation.

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Sources said that the Pakistan Air Force keeps activating these bases from time to time. He does this to test how ready they are when they come to real use conditions. In February 2019, India did an air strike on Balakot. After this their frequency has increased. Then the Indian Mirage 2000 fighter jets entered the territory of Pakistan and came back. They returned without any hindrance after entering the Pakistan border.

It has been told that Indian agencies are keeping an eye on every move of Pakistan. Every one of its bases is covered by Indian radars. The Indian security system is on full alert. She is watching day and night. Agencies are also keeping an eye on the activities of Pakistan Air Force on the Eastern Front. Here the Shamsi air field has been reactivated. This was done to aid the Taliban in war-torn Afghanistan.

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Sources said that Pakistan continued to help the Taliban against American and Afghan forces so that the terrorist group could occupy Afghanistan. Through this, Pakistan wants to keep its control over Afghanistan.

The Shamsi airfield in Pakistan has been used by US forces stationed in Afghanistan earlier. Through this, Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists were targeted. It was evacuated by Pakistan after the death of some soldiers of the Pakistani army in a US airstrike.