August 6, 2021


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Police-BNP clash in Chittagong, shots fired

BNP leaders and activists clashed with police in Chittagong city. At least 21 people, including police, were injured. At that time, BNP leaders and activists burned tires and set fire to furniture. Police fired blank shots to control the situation.
The incident took place in front of the Nagar BNP party office at Nasimon Bhaban around 3:30 pm on Monday. Police later arrested 15 people, including Nagar Mahila Dal president Monowara Begum, from the spot.

According to eyewitnesses and police sources, as part of the central program, a protest procession led by Nagar BNP member secretary Abul Hashem Bakkar gathered in front of the party’s office from the top of three pools in the city on Monday. Some police members present at the time did not allow them to gather at the end of the rally and asked them to leave the road next to the party office. Soon after the rally, another protest procession led by Nagar BNP joint convener Abu Sufian came in front of the party office from Kazir Deuri in the city. That too began to assemble on the road. When the police members present then obstructed, the BNP leaders and workers became angry. They started throwing bricks at the policemen. Police also fired blank shots to control the situation. At one point, police members were chased into an office next to the party office.

Meanwhile, additional policemen from Kotwali police station came and started firing blank shots. BNP leaders and activists on the streets burned tires and set fire to chairs and tables in tea shops on the streets. Traffic from Kazi Deuri to Nasimon Bhaban was closed. However, passengers stuck on alternative roads come and go.


During the day, BNP leaders and activists chased each other with the police. After the arrival of additional police, the BNP leaders and activists left the road. However, the bricks thrown by them hit the nearby tiles shop and policemen were injured.

Nagar BNP joint convener Abu Sufian told Prothom Alo that police started firing in front of the party office soon after the procession arrived. 20 leaders and workers of the party were injured. They are receiving treatment in different places. They have received news of the arrest of 15 people including the president of the women’s party.

Kotwali Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Nezam Uddin said the busiest road was blocked and people were gathering there. When the first shot was fired, they attacked the police. Six policemen, including three, were injured.