July 25, 2021


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Coronavirus: 29 districts at risk

Additional Director General of the Department of Health at a virtual press conference on Monday. Mirzadi Sebrina Flora told reporters.

He said Dhaka, Chittagong, Narayanganj, Gazipur, Munshiganj, Feni and Chandpur are among the 29 districts.

Analyzing the data received by the MIS branch of the health department till March 24, these districts have been identified as ‘risky’, said Dr. Flora.

“We have a committee to look into the matter,” he said. We inform the committee that the infection rate is relatively high in some districts. According to the information received till date 24, we have seen higher infection rate in 29 districts. ”

On March 7 last year, the first coronavirus infection was detected in the country. After November 30, the infection continued to decline until mid-February.

But since the beginning of March, the number of patients identified daily has been steadily rising. In the last one day, 5,171 people have been infected, which is the highest since the onset of the epidemic.

The total number of patients identified in the country has exceeded 6 lakh; A total of 6,949 people have died.
Kovid-19: Death Map
Total death toll till March 29, 2021 is 6949
“Most of the victims are young,” said Flora. Then we saw that the rate of infection is higher among those who are going out, going to work.

“Everyone is coming out now. Youngra in particular is out a lot now. That is why the rate of infection is higher among them. ”

In this situation, the government has issued 16-point directive including restricting all kinds of public gatherings in all fields including social, political and religious.

The new guidelines call for restricting inter-district traffic in areas at high risk of infection and keeping it closed if necessary. It has been asked to restrict public gatherings in entertainment and tourist centers as well as discourage fairs or social events.

Schools, colleges and universities have been closed for so long and madrassas have also been asked to close. The number of people on public transport and in hotels and restaurants should be limited to half the number of seats. And everyone from abroad has been asked to ensure 14 days of institutional quarantine.

Director of the Department of Disease Control, Professor. Nazmul Islam told a news conference, “This high level of infection has been created anew due to human negligence. People are responsible for this.

“The practices we’ve done over the last year, the etiquettes we’ve learned in health care, we’ve suffered from extreme complacency in the last two to three months. This is why the infection is on the rise. There is no benefit in blaming any strain. If we are still vigilant, we can certainly deal with it. ”

Describing the vaccine as a ‘big tool’ to combat coronavirus, Nazmul Hossain said everyone who has registered should get vaccinated quickly.

“However, after taking the first dose, immunity is not created that way. After taking the second dose, the body begins to produce antibodies. For this reason, even after getting vaccinated, the hygiene rules have to be followed.

“So far no vaccine manufacturer has said that their vaccine provides 100% protection. So to be safe, you have to follow 100 percent hygiene rules even after getting vaccinated. ”

Director General of the Department of Health, Prof. ABM Khurshid Alam was also present at the press conference.