June 23, 2021


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Here are some excerpts from the diary of the suicidal SI Hasan

One day he will not wake up and he will not bear the constant pain of knowing – this poem of the poet Jibanananda Das seems to match the van driver of Keshabpur Md. With the life of Jabbar Ali’s son SI Hasan Ali.

The last time he wrote in his diary before he died, ‘I will never be a good officer. I am a curved officer. I argue negatively, rudely, verbally. I have been admitted with special power. I’m over smart. ”

That night the late Hasan Ali spoke to his father, mother and uncle. Her sister Mukta, an honors final year student at Keshabpur College, said her brother sold the motorcycle and asked his father to pay off his uncle’s debts. And asked to give him the laptop. This was the last word with the family of the late Hasan Ali.

His sister Mukta identified that 10 pages of the diary kept by Jugantar correspondent were written by Hasan Ali.

Mukta said their family was taken to the Jessore Superintendent of Police’s office on March 22. There are some pages of the diary written by the late Hasan Ali.

Mukta further said that an Awami League leader in the area used to beg for money.

According to a reliable source, the father of the late Hasan Ali van driver. Jabbar Ali mortgaged the land and gave three and a half lakh rupees to the Awami League leader. The leader used to pressurize the late Hasan Ali for money for giving him a job.

There are more than 10 pages in the diary of Hasan Ali’s fragmented life, his family is very poor. He never studied at home. He was the first university student of his family. He helped his family financially.

A senior police official said about the late Hasan Ali, Hasan Ali was very talented. Got the job with proof of qualification.

In several places in the diary, SI Hassan repeatedly wrote, ‘I can no longer bear it. It just seems to want to be released from this world. But this is my last wish. I don’t want to live with anyone’s begging. I want liberation from the world. ‘

The cause of the suicide of the late SI Hasan Ali, the head of the investigation team of the Pabna Police Super. Masud Alam said, ‘Investigation is going on. The families of the late Hasan Ali have already testified.

Hasan Ali had a miserable life due to lack of family, lack of study environment, livelihood through tuition, lack of clothes, job as an SI. However, in the words of the poet Jibanananda Das-