August 6, 2021


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Opportunities for promotion of private teachers increased

Teachers of private schools and colleges of the country will get more promotions than before. However, there will be no posts of assistant professors in higher secondary schools, schools and colleges and higher secondary colleges. The post will be changed to Senior Lecturer.

Adding some such provisions, the Ministry of Education on Sunday issued a new ‘Private Educational Institution (School-College) Manpower Infrastructure and MPO Policy-2021’. Earlier, this policy was made in 2016.

According to the new policy, an organization with a name in the name of a war criminal or a person convicted of a criminal offense for more than two years or a negative name can have an impact on the society, no such educational institution can be MPO registered (government grant for salary). No educational institution run in a rented house will get the benefit of MPO registration.

According to the new policy on promotion of teachers, MPO registered lecturers in higher schools, schools and colleges or higher secondary colleges will be promoted to the post of ‘Senior Lecturer’ if they work satisfactorily for the next eight years from the date of MPO registration. Other teachers will have a one-step improvement in the pay scale (grades 9 to 8) on completion of 10 years of MPO enrollment and within the next six years, i.e. on completion of 18 years of MPO enrollment, they will also be promoted to the post of ‘Senior Lecturer’. The issue of promotion will be decided by the committee on the basis of a total of 100 marks considering various qualifications.
According to the policy of 2017, this promotion was given in the ratio of 5: 2 for so many days. That is, if there were seven posts, two would be promoted.


The new policy abolishes the post of assistant professor up to higher secondary level, but those who have held the post before will remain in force. Apart from this, there will also be assistant professor posts in degree colleges. On completion of eight years of the post of lecturer in the degree, half of the total post of lecturer will be promoted to the post of Assistant Professor. On the other hand, teachers in lower secondary and secondary schools will also get 10th grade in the pay scale for BEd or equivalent degree.

There will be no Assistant Professor post, the post will be changed to Senior Lecturer.
—Repartment run educational institution is not MPO.
According to the new policy, the Ministry of Education will be able to issue a policy order to change the institution if there are vacancies in any institution of teachers working in MPO registered educational institutions on the recommendation of the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA).
Explaining this, an official of the Ministry of Education told Prothom Alo that it has been said to do so to keep the opportunity to take action in special circumstances. However, this does not mean that private teachers will have the opportunity to transfer.

The policy asks teachers and staff to fix the basic salary or festival allowance or a fixed portion of the Baishakhi allowance in line with the latest salary scale of the government or in line with government guidelines. But some teacher leaders wrote on social media Facebook mentioning the issue as full festival allowance.

In this regard, two officials of the Ministry of Education said in the first light, full festival allowance was not mentioned here. The prescribed part has been clearly stated. There is nothing confusing here.