August 6, 2021


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Perspective Modi’s arrival and Islam in custody

I often remember a song sung by the late Andrew Kishore on the India issue. “I just gave love, I didn’t get love, Hopefully, the day will come, the hope will not come true. ”

We Bangladeshis went to India only with love, we did not get love from them. But that is not a lie at all. Again, not 100% true. Determining land and sea boundaries, enclave exchanges, etc. should be written in the receipt if it is written in the ledger to give transit to India by road, permission to use Chittagong and Mongla seaports, help in suppressing separatists in northeastern India, etc. But unquestionably we are lagging behind in transactions. According to the agreement, we are not getting Teesta water. In terms of trade, in the 2018-19 financial year, India was able to export only ০ 1.04 billion as against বাংলাদেশে 9.21 billion in Bangladesh. I would like to shed some light on other issues, leaving it up to economists to decide what should be the proportional rate of trade with a large neighboring country, whose market is very large. One

On January 29, 2012, the National Power Development Board of Bangladesh and the National Thermal Power Corporation of India jointly signed an agreement to set up a coal-fired thermal power plant at Rampal in Bagerhat district, 14 km from the Sundarbans. Since then, environmentalists have been campaigning against the construction of power plants to protect the Sundarbans. As India is a part of this agreement, environmentalists are easily getting the support of a large section of the people of the country as a bonus. It is to be noted that all the agitators are agitating in the name of saving the Sundarbans.

This time I will turn the eyes of the reader friends a little. In an article published in the famous journal Nature in February 2016, a team of researchers from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom noted that the Sundarbans could be extinct by 2050 if global warming continues to increase the rate of sea level rise every year. The harmful aspects of global warming are not unknown to anyone. The biggest global climate strike in the history of the world took place on September 20, 2019, led by 18-year-old Swedish girl Greta Thunberg in the face of global warming. Countries like Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, which are relatively less affected by climate change, took to the streets to support the movement, but the people of Bangladesh, who are under threat of existence, did not respond to the movement except a few English medium school students. But we should have declared our solidarity with this movement first of all.

My question is, do the opponents of setting up a power plant at Rampal really want to save the Sundarbans or is the main objective of the movement to gain political interest by issuing the Sundarbans?

Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh has been urging the Indian government to cancel the invitation extended by the Bangladesh government to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the Golden Jubilee of Independence and Mujib’s birth centenary celebrations in Bangladesh.

They said, “In the celebration of the golden jubilee of independence and the year of Mujib, someone should not be brought to Bangladesh who is not wanted by the people of this country or whose arrival will hurt the people of this country.” Because Narendra Modi is known all over the world as a Muslim hater. ”

The biggest allegation against Modi is his active incitement to Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujarat. The 2002 Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujarat are estimated to have killed more than 2,000 people, most of them Muslims. The current Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at the time of that horrific riot.

The Commission of Retired Justices GT Nanavati and Akshay Mehta, which was officially constituted in the wake of the Gujarat riots, released its final report in 2014 in nine volumes. The Nanavati and Mehta commissions, in their final report, said there was no evidence that any state minister had instigated or provoked the riots. The commission of inquiry said in its report that Narendra Modi was in no way involved in the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat. At the same time, the commission has recommended action against the police for negligence in duty and failure to provide security to the people. The commission said the police had “inefficiency and lack of interest in their responsibilities” as they could not stop the three-day riots. However, the commission also said that the police could not take action due to lack of adequate manpower and weapons.

In other words, Hefazat-e-Islam had been objecting to Modi’s hospitality on the basis of an irrational or speculative issue. We all know what happened next. This is happening now, so there is no need to pull the trigger.

Here is another important point we should not forget. Hefazat, however, has played a completely silent role in the arrival of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa in Bangladesh. However, the Sri Lankan government has recently taken important steps to ban the wearing of all types of face masks, including burqas and niqabs, in public, citing national security concerns. It certainly does not go with the policy of custody!

The country’s public safety minister, Sarat Virasekara, said in a statement that he had signed an order banning the burqa. It will need the approval of Parliament to take effect. The minister said he hoped the decision would be implemented soon.

The Sri Lankan government is taking the initiative after a series of attacks on hotels and churches in Sri Lanka on the eve of Easter Sunday, almost two years ago. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Catholic church and a tourist hotel. More than two and a half hundred people lost their lives in that attack in April 2019.

You see, without dragging these straight issues like rubber, it can be concluded that Hefazat-e-Islam, whatever it may be, does not represent Islam. They are only acting as mercenary agents for others by capitalizing on the power of the tender-hearted children and teenagers of the madrasa. Otherwise, I firmly believe that they would not be involved in violence. Moreover, it will become clear who is supporting Hefazat now, considering their current or past titles. Hefazat’s stupidity has turned them into a mere hired private company today. Regrettably, the current ruling party Awami League has not stopped using them!

I started writing with songs by Andrew Kishore. I will end with the same song, but in a different sense. Seeing the persecution of the Muslim minority in India breaks the heart of the Brotherhood custody, even though they persecute the minority in their own country or incite them to do so! The Muslim Brotherhood in India does not show the slightest sympathy for Hefazat in the current violence against the government caused by Modi. At least no Indian newspaper has reported on the issue of Muslims in India. So Hefazat-e-Islam can now lament the Muslims of India

“I just gave love, I didn’t get love

Hope that day is gone, hope is not fulfilled. ”