September 23, 2021


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Attempt to grab land by showing dead woman alive

Seven years ago (2014), Zaherun Nesa, a resident of Mugda area of ​​the capital, died. Leave two sons, one daughter. Six years after his death, another woman filed a case against the Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Motijheel in Dhaka, claiming to be Zaherun Nesa. He claims that he is Zaherun Nesa. Upon receiving the news, one of the heirs of the real Zaherun Nesar came to the office of the Assistant Commissioner. Submitted the original death certificate and national identity card of Zaherun Nesa. Then the land officer summoned Zaherun Nesa. Want to see his national identity card. At one point, the fake Zaherun Nesa confessed to the land officer that he had done this out of greed.

On the instructions of the land officer, the Wari police recently arrested three members of the fraud ring, including the fake Zaherun Nesa. Later, Abdul Malek, the grandson of the real Zaherun Nesa, became the plaintiff and filed a case against three people including the fake Zaherun Nesa. So far, five members of the fraud ring have been arrested in the case. There is also a document writer.

Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Dhaka’s Motijheel Revenue Circle Executive Magistrate Mahnaz Hossain Fariba told Prothom Alo that Mugdar Zaherun Nesa died in 2014. Six years later, members of the forgery ring tried to seize the land by keeping the fake Zaherun Nesa alive. Claimed, fake Zaherun Nesa is childless.

According to the case papers and the heirs of the original Zaherun Nesa, the real Zaherun Nesa lived in Mugda area. He inherited a property of 1482 acres in Dakshingaon mouza of Sabujbagh. After his death, the heirs became the owners of the property. However, members of the fraud ring created a fake power of attorney to seize the assets of Zaherun Nesar. Spelling fake documents. He then applied to the Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Motijheel Revenue Circle on October 16 last year for naming the land.

A review of the case documents shows that the fake Zaherun Nesa gave the power of attorney (am-moktar) to a man named Mostafa Kamal. On January 20 last year, the heirs of the real Zaherun Nesa appeared. He told the court that Zaherun Nesa had died long ago. Those who claim that Zaherun Nesa is alive are lying. The court then summoned the fake Zaherun Nesa to appear. After receiving the summons, fake Zaherun Nesa appeared on March 15.

Asked how he identified the fake Zaherun Nesa, Assistant Commissioner (Land) Mahnaz Hossain Fariba told Prothom Alo that the fake Zaherun Nesa wanted to see his national identity card the day he appeared. But Zaherun Nesa could not show his national identity card. At one point, he said, he applied to amend the national identity card. Then he said to show the application form. Zaherun Nesa then confessed to him that he had resorted to this deception after falling into the trap of Mostafa Kamal.

The fake Zaherun Nesa has given a confessional statement under section 164 before the Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) court on March 16. Based on his confession, Wari police arrested MA Hakim Mia, a fake document writer, and Salauddin Hossain, a member of the forgery ring, on March 18.

Wari police sub-inspector (SI) Kamal Baral, who is investigating the case, told Prothom Alo, “Mostafa Kamal, one of the leaders of the fraud ring, is a professional fraudster.” He has two national identity cards. One in Chittagong, the other in Jhalokati. He introduces one at a time. Sometimes he introduced himself as the leader of the government party, sometimes as a businessman. ‘

Police questioned Mostafa Kamal and his accomplice Ahidur Rashid with the permission of the court. During interrogation, the police came to know that Mostafa Kamal had found the fake Zaherun Nesa to seize the property of the deceased Zaherun Nesa. According to the information they have come to know so far, the name of the fake Zaherun Nesa is also Zaherun Nesa. However, the real Zaherun Nesar’s father’s name does not match the fake Zaherun Nesar’s father’s name.

Wari police say the fake Zaherun Nesar’s village home is in Ramkrishna Kathi village of Bakerganj in Barisal. Her husband Abdur Rashid died a long time ago. He lived in Barisal. However, Mostafa Kamal, a member of the forgery ring, found him and made fake land documents. In return, the members of the fraud ring gave him some money.
Wari police told the Dhaka CMM court in writing that the accused was a distant relative of Zaherun Nesar about Mostafa Kamal. Zaherun Nesa is involved in criminal activities out of greed for money.

However, the five accused arrested, including Zaherun Nesa and Mostafa Kamal, claimed in writing to the court through their lawyers that they were innocent. They are not involved in any criminal activities.’