July 25, 2021


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Happier than ever: Health Minister with coronavirus

Health Minister Zahid Malek has said that the situation has deteriorated rapidly due to non-compliance with hygiene rules as the country has become more ‘happy’ with the reduction in coronavirus infections in the last few months.

“We were able to deal with Kovid,” he said. The United Nations, the World Health Organization have praised us …. We were happy. The happier we are, the better for us. ‘

He made the remarks at an online exchange meeting with representatives of organizations and hospitals affiliated to the Bangladesh Private Medical Colleges Association (BPMCA), an association of private medical colleges and hospitals, on the continuing deterioration of the Covid-19 situation, hospital facilities and bedding.

After the outbreak of coronavirus in Bangladesh in March last year, the pace of infection slowed down. However, more than 5,000 patients are being identified every day for three days, which is the highest number so far. The Department of Health also reported 52 deaths on Wednesday, the highest in seven months.

“People in our country have become very confident,” he said. In the last one month, 2.5 million people have visited Bandarban, Cox’s Bazar and other tourist destinations. No one obeyed the hygiene rules in buses, trucks, roads. That has become tomorrow for us. It’s like a thunderbolt for us. ”

He called on everyone to stop getting married, picnic and go for walks, saying, “Protect yourself.” Protects the family. Protects neighbors, relatives and the country. You can’t just call it service, if you don’t control it. ‘

The government has lifted some restrictions like last year due to rising infection rates. Experts warn that the situation could escalate if all measures are not taken.

“If we can’t control the infection now, we can’t control it,” he said. We have not increased the number of hospital beds, but the patient will not benefit if it increases further. If 5,000 people are infected every day and everyone is in the hospital, even if the whole country is converted into a hospital, we will not be able to accommodate the patient.

He said there was no place for coronavirus patients in government and private hospitals in the capital. “Patients do not go to Gazipur, Tangail, Narayanganj and Comilla outside Dhaka,” he said. The bed is lying. You can go to nearby districts and get services without insisting in Dhaka. There are all kinds of services. ‘

Advising private hospitals to reduce the number of non-coronavirus patients and provide services to coronavirus patients, Malek said, “Save lives first.”

The minister said 2,000 Nazal cannula machines have been sent to different parts of the country including Dhaka. Apart from that, 2,500 beds will also be increased.

Secretary of the Department of Health Education and Family Welfare. Ali Noor said that public awareness is more important now. Awareness on this issue should be taken through the media.