July 25, 2021


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Demand for banning Islam in custody

In celebration of the golden jubilee of independence, Hefazat-e-Islam has demanded a nationwide ban on “stern condemnation of the massacre” and a “ban on the politics of terrorism in the name of religion”.

In a statement on Wednesday (March 31st), the committee called for the closure of all Hifazat-e-Islam rallies and a ban on “anti-independence militant radical terrorist organizations” such as Hifazat-e-Jamaat.

Hefazat-e-Islam and some political parties have been opposing the visit of the Prime Minister of India to Bangladesh on the occasion of the golden jubilee of independence. In that movement, Hefazat-e-Islam carried out massive violence in different parts of the country including Dhaka, Chittagong and Brahmanbaria for three days from Independence Day. At least 11 people were killed in three days of clashes.

The Home Ministry has warned that the government will take a tough stance if it does not stop this “religious insanity and disorder”.

On the other hand, Junaid Babungari, the central emir of Hefazat-e-Islam, has threatened to launch a “tough program” in the future if the demands are not met.

The Committee for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination in 1971 said in a statement that the anti-independence fundamentalist terrorist Hefazat-e-Islam had carried out a series of destructive incidents across the country to disrupt the celebrations of the golden jubilee of the liberation war. Especially in Brahmanbaria, the infernal violence that they wreaked havoc on the memory of the legendary music guru of the last century, Ustad Alauddin Khan, in the music hall of Surasamrat Alauddin, and the demonism in which the sculpture of Bangabandhu was smashed.

From Sunamganj to Brahmanbaria, they have similarly attacked the Hindu community and destroyed places of worship. Unfortunately, in most cases, the BNP-Jamaat-e-Islami’s involvement in the Hifazat riots has been reported in the media, but the local administration has played the role of a silent spectator, leading to further atrocities by the Hifazat.

Citing newspaper reports, the Nirmul Committee said, “In the last five days, 15,000 people have been indicted in 25 cases for terrorist attacks in different parts of the country, using the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an excuse, but only 36 local Hifazat leaders and activists have been charged.” The political identities of the rest were not mentioned. We have said many times that Hefazat-e-Islam is the political and ideological successor of those who committed genocide and crimes against humanity in the name of religion in 1971, who want to turn Bangladesh into Mullah Omar’s Taliban Afghanistan.