August 6, 2021


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Kulsumar is sentenced, Minu is in jail

Minu Akhter has to go to jail suddenly after going with Kulsuma Akhter in the hope of being given free consumer goods on the occasion of Ramadan. Minu Akhter of Chittagong is serving three years in jail instead of Kulsuma Akhter. Minur alleged that he was imprisoned at the instigation of Kulsuma, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the murder case. The government-appointed prosecutor has also accused the jail authorities of negligence.

The three children sitting on the bench of the Chittagong court do not know that their mother Minu Akhter has been living in an orphanage for the last 3 years despite being alive. The three children were brought from the jailed mother and orphanage on the orders of the court after learning through a lawyer.

Their mother Minu Akhter has been in jail since June 12, 2016 on behalf of another accused named Kulsuma Akhter. The court sentenced Kulsuma Akhter to life in prison for killing a garment worker named Kohinoor Begum.

Appellant’s lawyer Golam Maula Murad said, “After seeing Minu Akhter and her three children in this way, I think the incident needs to be investigated.” When I went to see it, I saw that the accused in the murder case was a fugitive. And Minu is imprisoned on his behalf.

Additional PP of Chittagong Metropolitan Court Mohammad Noman Chowdhury said that Kulsuma Akhter managed Minu Akhter in any way and made him stand in the court.

Meanwhile, in her statement to the court, Minu Akhter claimed that three years ago, Kulsuma Akhter brought her to the court in the name of giving consumer goods in the month of Ramadan. He has to be imprisoned for responding to the court call as taught by Kulsuma Akter.

However, after this incident in 2008, the real accused Kulsuma Akhter was in jail for two years from 2008 to 2009. Golam Maula Murad, a government-appointed prosecutor, is blaming the jail authorities for the three-year sentence of Minu Akhter as the wrong accused.

Petitioner’s lawyer Golam Maula Murad further said, “When you give rice and pulses, you will be called by your name. At that time you will raise your hand. This is how Kulsuma Akhter taught Minu Akhter.” When the people of the court called him by name, he raised his hand in response to the words taught by Kulsuma Akhter.

Additional PP of Chittagong Metropolitan Court Mohammad Noman Chowdhury said that Kulsumar should have seen the value he had. If he has surrendered, he has knowingly become involved in this crime. The jail should have seen the picture of the accused and the picture and signature of the previous accused.

Chittagong’s 4th Additional Metropolitan Sessions Judge Shariful Alam Bhuiyan’s court has heard about Minu Akhter’s imprisonment, but the High Court is still hearing the appeal. The lawyers said the entire document would be sent to the high court for disposal.