August 4, 2021


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Case against 22 people including UP chairman for torturing youth in Pirojpur

A case has been filed against 22 people, including the UP chairman, for torturing a young man named Al-Amin in Pirojpur’s Indurkani. Police have arrested Union Juba League president Majid Fakir and general secretary Alam Fakir in the case.

Ali Akbar, the father of the victim, filed the case with the Indurkani police station on Wednesday.

Al-Amin was brutally tortured by the people of UP chairman Moazzem Hossain on Sunday night after he was accused of molesting a woman. Indurkani police reached the spot, rescued Al Amin and took him to the police station. Al-Amin was later arrested in a case under the Women and Child Abuse Prevention Act on charges of indecency. The victim’s father filed the case with the Indurkani police station on Wednesday. The case alleges that the other accused, under the direction of UP chairman Moazzem Hossain, brutally tortured Al-Amin. Sunny Hawladar, son of UP chairman Moazzem Hossain, has also been accused in the case.
Indurkani Police Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Humayun Kabir said Ali Amin’s father Ali Akbar had filed a case against 22 people on Wednesday morning for allegedly beating his son Al-Amin to death and breaking his leg. Police have arrested two persons named Majid Fakir and Alam Fakir in the case.

BD-Daily / Salah Uddin

Former United States President Donald Trump has created a self-contained social media platform by challenging popular social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is going to come out publicly in the next few months. News from CNN.

According to a source close to Trump, the former US president will try to convey his message through this website. Everyone can participate there.

He made provocative remarks on Twitter when Trump’s farewell bell rang after losing the election. Donald Trump’s account has been blocked on many websites, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, following the Capitol Hill attacks. Then he hinted at a new social media.
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