August 6, 2021


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Awal changed his mind, not leaving the post of Naib Amir of Hefazat

Maulana Abdul Awal’s decision was announced to the media by a four-member delegation of Hefazat at the Railway Central Jame Mosque in the DIT area of ​​Narayanganj city on Wednesday (March 31).

Mamunul Haque said that they had come to Narayanganj to meet Maulana Abdul Awal on the instructions of Amir Junaid Babungari of Hifazat. Recently, there was a misunderstanding and arrogance of Naib Amir Abdul Awal with the leaders and workers. Forgetting everything at the request of everyone, Abdul Awal withdrew his resignation announcement. He will be involved in the subsequent activities of Hifazat from the previous position.

Hefazat’s joint secretary general Mamunul Haque denied the allegations in response to questions from media workers about the violence, arson and assaults on journalists on various highways, including Dhaka and Narayanganj, during a nationwide strike on Sunday. . If the law enforcement forces want to overthrow them undemocratically, there will be chaos somewhere. However, he claimed that no one in custody had set fire to the car or beaten the journalists.

A delegation of central leaders of Hefazat arrived at the DIT Mosque at around 3pm to hold a meeting with Maulana Abdul Awal. Hefazat Joint Secretary General Mamunul Haque briefed the media personnel at 5.30 pm after the Asr prayers.

Dhaka Metropolitan Branch President Junaid Al Habib, Joint Secretary General Fazlul Karim Qasemi and Joint Secretary General Mufti Nasir Uddin Monir were also present in the delegation. Narayanganj district and metropolitan committee leaders were also present.

Earlier on Monday night, Maulana Abdul Awal announced his resignation from the post of Hefazat, citing various grievances in a statement made at DIT Railway Central Jame Mosque in Narayanganj. At that time Maulana Abdul Awal also complained that the party leaders and workers were not following his instructions.

A video of his resignation was uploaded on a Facebook page called ‘Supporter of Shaykh Maulana Abdul Awal Sahib’ on Tuesday afternoon. In this video of 4 minutes and 13 seconds, Abdul Awal announces his decision to resign from Hefazat-e-Islam. Later, the video of his speech was spread on social media and the news was published in various media.

Maulana Abdul Awal has been the Khatib of Narayanganj Railway Central Jame Mosque for almost thirty years.

Hefazat-e-Islam’s central naib amir and Narayanganj district president Maulana Abdul Awal has announced his resignation from all the responsibilities of Hefazat-e-Islam.

He made the announcement in front of the worshipers present on the occasion of Shabebarat at Narayanganj DIT Mosque on Monday (March 29) night. At that time Maulana Abdul Awal said, I will not call you in any other movement under my leadership. I will announce my resignation in a press conference immediately and submit my official resignation letter.

The Khatib of Narayanganj DIT Mosque has mentioned the issue of harassment to some leaders of the organization as the reason for his resignation as he was not involved in clashes with the administration during the strike called by Hefazat on Sunday.

Maulana Abdul Awal said, “On the day of the strike, I was barred from leaving the mosque by the highest officials of the law enforcement agencies.” I could not get out of here and join the movement despite hundreds of attempts. That is why I have had to face unpleasant comments from some of the staff and officials of Hifazat. But I had no way out of the barricades of law enforcement.

Abdul Awal said, “If I had gone out then, the body would have fallen in front of this mosque.” These walls of the mosque would have crumbled. Because the law enforcement forces were standing in front of the mosque with their maximum strength. What did I have to do at that moment? Maulana Abdul Awal alleged that some leaders of Hifazat had been avoiding him since the strike.

He added that a prayer program was organized at the DIT Mosque after Asr yesterday. But because I could not get out on the day of the strike, some very enthusiastic people did not participate in this prayer program. They went and organized prayers at Deobhog Madrasa. As a result, they have proved me incompetent. But if I had gone out that day, I would not have been able to explain how the house of God and the lives of innocent people would have been threatened. So I am no longer in the leadership of Hefazat-e-Islam.